Tick is NOT working

When playing in studio, it works, but when doing teamtest or playing in the actual game, it prints sum like -3000

repeat task.wait()  until (tick() - CurrentTick) >= SettingModule.HealingTime

Where i get currenttick from:

local CurrentTick = tick()
Communication:FireServer(CurrentTick, "Activate")


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btw when i printed it on the localscript, it worked fine, but on server it doesnt

This might be happening because the tick() time from the client gets a bit outdated by the time it reaches the server, especially outside the studio. In the studio, the delay is tiny.

I figured out a solution by just doing currenttick = tick() instead, however i am wondering why does it work in singpleplayer studio and not multiplayer?

The discrepancy is due to network latency in multiplayer, which isn’t present in singleplayer studio.

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