Tickets currency back in the audit log section of group management

Mystical tickets currency seems to be back in the new audit log tab of group management.
To reproduce select “Adjust currency” income type.

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I could not reproduce this.

Since when has your group been around and have you ever spent tickets from said group or had near that amount of tickets back in 2016?

I don’t think they would have added it for no reason. As of right now, I do not see any audits like these under, ‘Adjust group funds’. However, this may just be a group specific thing.

Have you used “adjust group funds” type of income?

No. They unlikely will bring them back. It’s just a visual bug.

It’s related to restoring funds after group is stolen so you might not be able to see that.

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You haven’t included any necessary information from the bug report requirements.

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As those would be helpful with engine related issues to determine what was the breaking change, I do feel that where thing happens and what is wrong is enough for that kind of issue.

That’s just front-end visual bug which could happen anywhere - wiki / dev hub which is always reproducible. Everything’s on back-end seems to be good about that.

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I am suggesting you check out the requirements for a reason. They apply to more than just engine and Studio bugs. You have not included a link to the group affected, which is necessary.

Nevertheless this is a dupe.


Duplicate of: Incorrect terminology on group restores