Tiger®️ Community Handbook

Be your own artist, be yourself at all times. Fiercely look your best in all games. Tiger® is always here to provide stylish, original, creative and detailed clothing of all types of fashion to boost your wardrobe while exploring the gaming metaverse! :heart_eyes:

Community Information
Here at Tiger®, our mission is to provide original, creative, and detailed garments for all types of fashion. We provide the cheapest prices for our prestigious clothing. As a community, we strive to ensure that each member feels supported and safe. These principles ensure that we continue to thrive as a community. This handbook will further elaborate on Tiger as a whole. Included within this handbook will be the following topics below. :hugs:

  • Group Ranks
  • Apprentice Level Guide
  • Recruitment Process
  • Alliance Application
  • Group Links

If you have any questions regarding our operations, please do not hesitate to inform a member of the management team. Without further ado, we welcome you to the Tiger® Community Handbook. :tiger:

Group Ranks
Tiger®️ consists of many different ranks and positions. As a member of our community, we would love for you all to understand what each respective rank completes. Due to this, we have created the Group Ranks section for your assistance. We will be going over the following type of ranks: Community Ranks, Miscellaneous Ranks, and Operation Positions.

Community Ranks

Our community ranks consists of our Premium Customers, Deluxe [10+], Exotic [ 50+], Esteemed [100+], Honorable [250+], Prestigious [400+], and Elite [700+]. Individuals within our Community Ranks are respected members of our community. You have shopped for a lot of clothing, we deeply appreciate you all! Community Ranks are able to move higher up the ranks, if interested in starting their journeys with Tiger®️

Miscellaneous Ranks

In terms of our Miscellaneous Ranks, Tiger®️ has many positions within this field. These positions include: Fresh Model [1], Rising Model [10], Admirable Models [50], Delightful Models [80], Superior Models [150], Remarkable Member, Allied Representative. Our Miscellaneous Ranks are members of our community that are truly notable within our community. These ranks are reserved for members within the modeling community or who are notable within our operations.

Operation Positions

Here at Tiger®️, there are many Operation Positions reserved for staff members. Our Operation Positions range from Sales Associate to our Executive Director. Without further ado, please check out the respective positions:

Although the rank of Trainee is NOT a staff position, you still are held to the expectations of our low-ranking staff member. In order to gain a promotion to a staff rank, you must pass one training session at our training center. Once you have done so, you will gain a promotion to Sales Associate.

Our Apprentice Level is made up of our Sales Associates to our Senior Representatives. Our Apprentice Level members mainly provide assistance at our prestigious V5 Homestore. They are expected to aide by all contents stated in our Apprentice Level Guide.

Sales Associate
As a Sales Associate, you have officially joined the Tiger®️ Apprentice Level. You have now gained the ability to assist customers at our homestore. When assisting customers at the homestore, please make sure that you are following all the procedures within our Apprentice Level Guide. This includes attending to service desks, cleaning up spills, and assisting customers around the homestore. In order to gain a promotion to Junior Associate, you must obtain 1000 worker points at the homestore.

Junior Associate
As a Junior Associate, you are one step closer to reaching our Senior Representative position. Junior Associates obtain the same duties as a Sales Associate; however, they are held to a better understanding then Sales Associates. In order to gain a promotion to Senior Representative, you must obtain 2500 worker points at the homestore.

Senior Representative
Senior Representatives are the last position of the Apprentice Level! As a Senior Representative, you will still complete the same duties as a Sales Associate and Junior Associate. However, you now obtain the ability to join our Management Level. In order to gain a promotion to our Management Level, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be in our communications server. You are expected to be verified with your Senior Representative position within your server roles.
  • You must be 13+ in order to become a member of the Management Level. As you will be utilizing our communications server, all management members are required to be 13+.
  • You must be a Senior Representative for at least 5 days. The Operations Department believes this is adequate enough for you to understand staff processes.
  • You must meet promotion prerequisites in order to gain a promotion to the Management Level. This includes the ideas stated above, not having safe-chat, displaying the correct qualities, and much more.

Senior Representatives can gain a promotion Management Team either through recommendations or applications. Best of luck to any interested members!

Our Management Level members range from Management Intern to Coordination Team members. Management members are expected to supervise at our homestore, host shifts, assist at our fashion shows, and much more.

Interns are members of our management level; however, they must pass our mentorship process to officially begin their duties as an active manager at Tiger®️. This mentorship will last for a week in which they must learn our management processes.

As a Supervisor member, they complete a variety of tasks around our homestore. They manage disruptive individuals, take on the duty of hosting shifts at our homestore, and much more. Additionally, they receive administration commands at all Tiger®️ establishments. They are expected to be versed in the understanding of management protocols.

Manager members are recognized for their continued dedication to the Tiger®️. Their dedication has now allowed them to host fashion shows at our runaway, read Intern applications for interested community members, promote and demote when needed, and much more. Manager members are now coming to understand the interworking’s of our cooperation.

Coordinator members are senior Management Level members. They are well versed in the understanding of our sessions and processes. Therefore, Coordinator members partake in minor department work on behalf our Coordinator’s Program. Through hard work and dedication, they can enter the Tiger®️ Executive Office.

Our Executive Office consists of respected Tiger®️ staff members who have worked diligently for our company. Members of the Executive Office enter one of our prestigious operation departments. These departments include Operations, Marketing, and Communications. These members are considered executive managers of Tiger®️; so, you may forward complaints and suggestions to them. The Executive Office is made up of Executive Aides to Executive Director members.

Executive Aide
Executive Aide members make-up an entry level Executive Office rank. Their duties differ from members on the Management Level. As Executive Office members, they are now officially deputies of the department of their choosing. Executive Aides partake in community events, assist with both internal and external operations, and assist Middle Ranks with their duties. They are paid for their continued contributions weekly.

Executive Coordinator
Executive Coordinators are members of each department that have excelled as Executive Aides. They either uphold the responsibility of handling internal or external operations of Tiger®️. They are considered well experienced members of our Executive Office and have worked diligently for this position. Their payments have been increased due to their continued efforts to our company.

Executive Director
Executive Directors are senior members of our Executive Office. As they have been in their respective department for an extensive amount of time, they are now official officers of their departments. Meaning, they handle both internal and external affairs of their departments, handle payments, consequences, and promotions for their department members. They receive a payment increase as a reflection for their continued efforts.

Members of the Presidential Office are now Senior High Ranks of Tiger®️. They are now members of the ownership team and Presidential Office. They are General Overseers to our operation departments. Presidential Office members handle the entirety of our internal and external operations. The Presidential Office consists of ranks from Presidential Assistant to President.

Presidential Assistant
Presidential Assistants have worked diligently as an Executive Director. They now obtain the ability to handle ownership duties. Individuals within the Presidential Office regularly run operation evaluations to ensure our processes are running accordingly. Members of this position receive assignments from the presidential members for completion. Payment for Presidential Assistants have been raised for their continued contributions to Tiger®️.

Vice President
Vice Presidents are senior presidential managers of Tiger®️. They work alongside our President to manage all operations of Tiger®️. In addition to this, they oversee the Presidential Assistants and their duties. Payment for Vice Presidents have been raised for their continued contributions to Tiger®️.

Our President, Roriien, is the Lead of our Presidential Office. She handles all the affairs of our Presidential Office members. In addition to this, she is a member of our designing and development team.

Apprentice Level Guide
Members of the Apprentice Level are Low Ranks of Tiger®️. They are expected to assist customers at the homestore actively. In addition to this, they are expected to understand the entirety of our Apprentice Level Guide. More information can be find under their respective headers.

Apprentice Level Guide


Unfortunately, we occasionally need to deal with disruptive customers. When dealing with disruptive customers, make sure that you always maintain professionalism. Although it is sometimes difficult to, you must try your best to compose yourself. When handling these customers, please make sure that they fit certain criteria. By determining this, you can properly handle the situation.

MIDDLE RANK CONTACT: Trollers, Disruptive Customers, Glitchers, Minor Spamming - Verbal Warning, Kick, Ban.

HIGH RANK CONTACT: Exploiters, Major Spammers, Profanity - PBan.

In certain situations, you can always ping an HR for the following MR reasons. Try your best to ensure that you are properly using your resources to contact for assistance! This includes having your server number, username of rule-breaking individual, location, and giving a brief summary. By doing so, you will make it easier for our MR+ team to moderate the situation.


In order to reach promotions past Intern, you must work hard at the homestore. As a Sales Associate - Senior Representative , you must gain worker points at the homestore to gain promotions. Training sessions are strictly reserved for Interns . You will be removed from the server if you attempt to join as a Sales Associate - Senior Representative . Below, you will see the point ranges for gaining promotions:

🠮 Sales Associate —> Junior Associate - 1000

🠮 Junior Associate → Senior Representative - 2500

Management Intern promotions are based differently to Low Rank promotions. Our MR+ team is actively looking for Senior Representatives to promote! In order to gain this promotion, make sure that you are displaying the correct characteristics at all times. Professionalism is one of the most important factors in promotions! If you would like to know more about this, feel free to ask a member of our Executive Office.


As we are revolutionizing this industry, Tiger does things a bit differently when coming to our operations. When customers are on the server, you should actively be asking them if they require assistance. Occasionally, our homestore might not have a steady amount of customers flowing in. So, you can do the following whilst you wait for more customers to join:

  • Clean spills
  • Clean pictures
  • Attend unoccupied service desks
  • Complete challenges around the homestore

If there’s ever an issue with your operations, please let us know! The Operations Department would be happy to listen to any concerns you may have.


:clock1: 3 AM EST
:clock11: 1 PM EST
:clock12: 4 PM EST
:clock130: 7 PM EST
:clock1230: 10 PM EST

Recruitment Process
In terms of our recruitment process, there are many different ways you can enter our management team. You can join via our committees, becoming a member of the development team, or working alongside our graphics or designing team.

Designing Team Recruitment

Tiger rarely hires designers to join our team. Our designers max out at 20 members of the designing team. In order to apply for this position, you must meet the requirements to become a designer. Below, you will see these requirements listed.

  • You must be an original designer. Individiual cannot use unorginial designs. (Shoes, neckleses, hair extentions, etc.)
  • You must be able to upload clothing weekly.
  • You must be a detailed designer.
  • Premium is required in order to apply.

As of April 17, 2022, designing recruitment is CLOSED. You will be notified via our communications server when they do open. Best of luck to interested individuals!

Graphics Recruitment

Similar to designers, Tiger rarely hires diligent developers. As a diligent developer, you will be creating aspects for the Tiger community to utilize. Members of this team can be Roblox developers and GFX designers. As stated prior, these applications are rarely released. However, when they do open, ensure that you meet the designated requirements below.

  • Original graphics designer.
  • Avoid using copyrighted materials.
  • Responsible individual.
  • Your designs must be unique with detail and care.

As of April 17, 2022, graphics recruitment is CLOSED. You will be notified via our communications server when they do open. Best of luck to interested individuals!

Development Recruitment

Tiger®️ is based around the development of our establishments. Interested in aiding us with development? Simply message your portfolio to one of the following members:

suray#0001 🠮 Development Officer
Audrey#4115 🠮 Development Manager
Vardatory#6735 🠮 Development Manager
Stitch#2852 🠮 Development Manager

As of April 3, 2022, we ARE INTERESTED in hiring more members to the development team. Please message one of the following members above if you’re interested! We are in need of builders and scripters to aid us through the development of our V5 Homestore and our upcoming photoshoot center.

Alliance Application
The Tiger community loves to form cherished alliances with other establishments. With this in mind, alliance applications are truly essential to our operations. In order to become an affiliate with Tiger, you must meet the designated requirements below. Applications should be submitted by contacting a member of the Communications Department via DMs. Additionally, please check the alliance status to know when we are accepting alliances.

  • Must have a minimum of at least 20,000 non-botted group members.
  • Professionalism and activity within your group’s operations is essential.
  • Our two groups should be able to benefit mutually from a two-way partnership.
  • Should be a reputable company with a positive reputation in the industry and no negative history.
  • No piece of clothing merchandise should be stolen, copied, or linked to any stolen assets.
  • MR+ ranks and ranks with administrative power should not be sold.
Alliance Application
  • What is the name of your group? Please link the group and Discord server.
  • Why should we form an alliance with your group?
  • How could your group benefit us?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how active is your group? Please explain your rating.
  • Please list at least 2 representatives. We allow four.
Contact Information

🠮 Overseer of Communications | Audrey#0003 ; Vardatory#6735
🠮 Head of Communications | zachie#2258
🠮 Advisor(s) of Communications | aliza#0007
🠮 Deputy(s) of Communications | izzy!#3291 ; kaylee#8080 ; espresso#6765 ; jasonn#0001 ; cami#3333

Our alliance applications are currently OPENED. As stated previously, all questions can be directed to a member of Communications Department. If you are currently blacklisted, you should contact the Head of Communications, CoolDudeBeBoss. Thank you!

Group Links
There are a variety of links our community utilizes. For more information regarding these resources, make sure that you check the description of each game.

Tiger strives to create an immersive experience for all of our customers. Throughout our time within this industry, we have been able to reach truly astonishing goals thanks to you all. This handbook briefly elaborates on each of the topics above. It is highly recommended that you join our communications server to be updated on these aspects. If you have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to inform a member of the High Rank team. Thank you! :partying_face: