Tiki Hut Handbook

Tiki Hut Handbook

Welcome to Tiki Hut! We are an up-and-coming Roblox cafe roleplay group, with the goal of becoming one of the most active and fun cafe roleplay groups on Roblox.



Our Group, Tiki Hut: TikiHut - Roblox

Rank Information:

Non Staff

  • Customer
  • Noted Customer
  • Allied Representative

Low Ranks

  • LR|Trainee
  • LR|Junior Barista
  • LR|Barista
  • LR|Experienced Barista

Middle Ranks

  • MR|Staff Assistant
  • MR|Assistant Manager
  • MR|Manager

High Ranks

  • HR|Chief Relations Officer
  • HR|Chief Operation Officer
  • HR|Chief Management Officer

Super High Ranks

  • SHR|Junior Corporate Officer
  • SHR|Corporate Officer
  • SHR|Chief Corporate Officer
  • [-]Developer

Owner Team

  • O|Board of Directors
  • O|Vice Chairman
  • O|Chairman
  • O|Founder

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We love it when everyone is having fun in the cafe. However, it is our duty to step in sometimes and restrict users from behaving in a certain way to maintain a positive environment and to keep everyone safe in our games. By making rules, everyone will know what’s wrong and what’s right. Please familiarize yourself with the rules listed below.

Roblox Terms Of Services

We enforce ROBLOX’s Rules and Guidelines. Anyone who does not follow the rules of ROBLOX will be severely punished. Tiki Hut will not affiliate with these members and there will be action taken against their account. You may view ROBLOX’s rules here: Roblox Community Rules


Exploiting is strictly prohibited. If anyone is caught using a third-party script executor to potentially ruin the game or using it with malicious intent will be permanently banned.


Acting rude, being inappropriate, spamming, etc to get someone’s attention, to cause trouble and ruin a user’s experience is not allowed. We are against that as it is not our mission nor our goal. We do not welcome this behavior at the game.

Remember to use common sense. Don’t say things that could be offensive, nor be disrespectful. Avoid drama and arguments as well.


Here at Tiki Hut, we give 3 warnings before kicking a disruptive player. Before giving out official warnings, please let them know that what they are doing is not accepted at America’sCafe, as they may not have read this document.
We give one warning to any spammer or bypasser. Exploiters do not receive any warning, though. Trollers receive 3 warnings. Once a player has been kicked 3 times s/he will be banned from the cafe.

Tiki Hut takes the time to punish anyone who doesn’t abide by the rules. The Staff Team took decisions on the rules depending on what’s necessary and what isn’t. If anyone thinks rules should be modified, they should contact a member of the owner team.
If you believe your punishment was false, let us know and we may correct it.

Affiliate Application

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Staff Handbook

Hello and welcome to Tiki Hut! How may I help you today?

Sure! Can I get you anything else?

Alright, please give me a minute to get your order.

Here you go, have a great day!

Hosting a shift (Hr+)

When you host a shift let everyone know on the group shout. A good format would be:
“SHIFT| Hello everyone! I am currently hosting a shift at the cafe, make sure to pop in for the chance to get a promotion!”

A shift should be at least 15 minutes long, if no customers show up pretend to be a customer.
If no staff show up. wait at least 5 minutes before closing the shift.

When the shift is concluded, post on the group shout:
“SHIFT| The shift has now concluded. Make sure to pop in at the cafe during the next shift!”

Thank you for reading our handbook,
The Staff at Tiki Hut.