Tile Justice (

:small_red_triangle::large_blue_diamond::green_square::yellow_circle: This is the Update Logs for

Small Changes

  • 2x Clicks Disabled!
    Before, Multiple clicks on tiles were causing bugs, And we feel removing this feature will not only remove all bugs with this feature, but will also make the player focus on the other tiles instead of clicking on one more then once. So, now if you click on the same tile multiple times, you will die.


  • Song Browser
    Yes! It’s finally here! The Song Browser! Previously, you would
    have to enter an ID, and now you could Browse for songs with
    the amazing search bar the team helped me script!
  • Leaderboard
    We have added a Leaderboard so you can beat people globally!
    Let’s advance!

Breaking Changes

  • Key binds > Settings!
    You can now edit tile key binds under Settings!
  • Better Tweening Navigation!
    The game UI Navigates way smoother and makes it
    way easier to get hooked within the game!
  • Credits Change!
    With our new coder @destroyerH99, We will make sure we could
    get updates out way faster!
  • New Music Tracks!
    We have way more Music Tracks for the Menu!
  • Lag Reduced!
    How? We have removed Unknown Assets, Unneeded scripts/lines and now
    lag has been reduced! Too see the change, Type in “/GetPing” in the chat! If
    you have played before, Type in “/GetPingChange” in the chat!

Bug Fixes

  • Holding Allowed!
    Before, Holding onto Tiles would be an automatic failure, but now you can hold onto the tile for over 0.3 seconds, this is so if you click way too fast, you don’t fail, now you don’t have to worry about bugs while playing a match!
  • Fast UI Navigation Errors Fixed!
    Before, if you clicked buttons too fast, multiple UIs would show, this is because we use values to track your last UI area and there was Heartbeats that were causing overlays!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy! :small_red_triangle::large_blue_diamond::green_square::yellow_circle: