Tiled Trouble ALPHA 1.2.0 Changelog


ALPHA 1.2.0:

Main Changes

  • Added Boxing and Uneven gamemodes
  • Added Resize minievent
  • Added 2 new emotes: Robot and Cheering
  • Added Premium particle

Extra Changes

  • Removed Hole minievent
  • Changed Big Noob appareance
  • Leaderboard now shows both Name and DisplayName
  • Minor changes to Fake Coin minievent
  • Minor changes to lobby
  • Minor bug fixes


1.2.0 is here! Sorry that it took so long, i was messing with music composing, about the new gamemodes…:

Boxing gamemode gives everyone a puching glove once the round starts. In 1.2.1, i plan updating it so it changes your clothes as well. Uneven gamemode changes all tiles height once the round starts, making the map more messy.

Once beta starts i will add some halloween decoration. Enjoy!