Tiled Trouble BETA 2.0.0 Changelog


BETA 2.0.0:

Main Changes

  • Added Bossfights (Snowbot)
  • Added VIP Commands
  • Added Snow Cosmetic
  • Added Christmas Decoration and new icon
  • Edited TileCoins GUI

Extra Changes

  • Edited multiple Staff commands
  • Edited Punching Gloves Hitbox
  • Fixed Bomb, Fake Coin and Ink Bomb sounds
  • Fixed Gradient Badge
  • Minor Lobby Edits
  • Minor Script Changes
  • Minor edits to Ink Bomb and Black hole
  • Updated DYK


This update officially starts the Tiled Trouble Christmas 2021 event, along with bossfights and VIP commands being added to the game. Currently theres only 1 bossfight in the game, and it will be removed and replaced once the christmas event is over.

Bossfights happen every 5 normal rounds, unless they are forced by an admin. Once a bossfight starts, a dialog will appear and once its done everyone will be able to fight against the boss. All bosses have health, but its shown as a “status” in their health GUI.

NOTE: Boss attacks will become stronger on the CRITICAL status.

Defeating the boss will make coins rain in the map, so if you die or time runs out, you wont be able to get any.

Hope you enjoy these new stuff! to be able to access the list of VIP commands, write in chat the command: “?vipcmds”. The Christmas Event will end on the 30th of December. This date may change.