Time it takes for a visit to count

This isn’t exactly scripting support but how long does it take for a visit from a player to count.
For example, would someone joining then leaving after 1-second count as a visit?

Have you tried to collect times for players in a test game to see how long it takes?

Based on my knowledge, there is no set time limit. Basically the moment u hit the green button to join a game (and get in the game successfully), it counts as one visit.

Edit: Every time someone joins your game, including yourself, the visit counter goes up. There’s no required time for them to stay in the game or anything.

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I have tried to but it seems inconsistent.

If I wanted to find out how many players stayed in my game for a time that I would consider a ‘visit’ then I would record the time they logged on and spawn a process which would contain a wait for that time and record the fact that the ‘visit’ process was completed and maintain a counter in the players datastore and perhaps setup a leader board to show all users who has ‘visited’ the most times.