Time left in audio

How would I see how long left the song has until its done & how long it is.

Time Left: 2 Minutes & 12 seconds
Song Duration: 2 Minutes & 30 seconds

You can check how much time left by

	print(math.floor(sound.TimeLength - sound.TimePosition)) --this will only return seconds

You can check the song duration by

	print(math.floor(sound.TimeLength)) --this will only return seconds

However these only return seconds if you want it to return minutes and seconds you will need to do some dividing.

Adding onto @Dolphin_Worms, you can put that value through the function below to get it in HH:MM:SS format.

function Format(Int)
	return string.format("%02i", Int)

function convertToHMS(Seconds)
	local Minutes = (Seconds - Seconds%60)/60
	Seconds = Seconds - Minutes*60
	local Hours = (Minutes - Minutes%60)/60
	Minutes = Minutes - Hours*60
	return Format(Hours)..":"..Format(Minutes)..":"..Format(Seconds)

This was written by @Uglypoe in this post.