Time one hour behind bug

Hello i recently saw this bug on my mobile device everything is one hour behind on the devforums


Cant paste images form my device idk why

Have you set correctly your time on your device?

Yes i do . GMT+2 Romania time zone

Then try clearing the cache of the forum.

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Nope didn’t work i all done everything i can restart device clear cache log out log back in

This is likely related to daylight savings. You can update your timezone in your preferences:



Unconfortablely still not fixed

pls ignore the late time

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Hopefully this gets fixed, that seems annoying. Can you reproduce the issue on https://meta.discourse.org? If so, reporting it there will help more people get it fixed.

As a temporary solution, you can just manually update it whenever daylights savings hits, I guess. Look for Etc/GMT+2 or whatever Romania’s at right now instead of picking an actual city. Not a very good solution, but it’s faster than waiting for a fix.


Messed around with gmt+2 time and got it working