Time Stop effect

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Hello so I’ve made a time stop that…

-Anchor every object except the player
-Filter(So your building won’t be falling apart after time has resume
-Keep Of Velocity(So if you detonate a bomb in a time stop,after time resume,It’ll react to the force
-Laser Gun template for time stop(in tin_nim recharge place)
-Color Invertation(like in Dio from jojo)
-Configurable Cool down!


How to setup
1.Dowload this and put the script inside the sub model into the directed service

2.Change the IgnoreName string value into the name of the model/Part you want to ignore(DONOT LEAVE EMPTY)


ToS(Term of service)
You can use this on any of your place freely,no need to credit me,It’s your place!

If you want to test or download the source it is here tin_nim's recharge place - Roblox


Haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure it is very fun! :+1:


To me

feels like it’s from Adonis admin commands since the effect itself in the picture


If you looked at the model its quite complicated for your average user, I don’t see how making a time stop effect could be easy.

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It looks great could be used on games based on Time Machines and stuff. Good Job!

The code is extremely inefficient. Instead of using 6+ nested for loops, use a workspace:GetDescendants() call.

All you really have to do is anchor everything that isn’t already anchored.

for i, v in pairs(workspace:GetDescendants()) do
	local Player = game:GetService("Players"):GetPlayerFromCharacter(v:FindFirstAncestorWhichIsA("Model"))

	if not Player and v:IsA("BasePart") then
		v.Anchored = true
		v.Color = Color3.new(1 - v.Color.R, 1 - v.Color.G, 1 - v.Color.B)

I made a script that inverts the colors of everything and freezes everything except players, doesn’t seem hard to make a time stop
pretty easy ngl


I don’t know man, you just anchored everything, and changed colors incredibly strangely. He said he did more? I didn’t read to carefully, sorry if I’m wrong.

I didn’t do everything they did, I only responded because they said it wasn’t easy to make a time stop

Ah mbmb! Sorry about that! Have a good day!

I would also recommend that you make use of the ParticleEmitter's .TimeScale property, set it to 0 and the particles will be frozen.


Can’t you use a ColorCorrection effect instead on changing the colors on the part as that would cause lag.


yea you are completely right, that would be much better

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Thx for the helping me,I am going to add them later this noon pacific time.

Spluz Thankyou!.banktoner it is made from scratch but im sure you could use Adonis admin too.MrCandyDev Thank You I really appreciate it.R0bl0x10501050 Yeah its more efficient I am going to add that this noon pacific time.D0RYU Well That is inefficient and would not include time resumption but I am going to modify that code to work.HashCollision Yeah Great idea,Im going to add that this afternoon.eclips_e Thx It really help!

it could be more efficient by changing the code to use ipairs instead of pairs and by using color correction instead of changing each part’s color value

besides that, I was mainly showing that it was easy to make a time stop
which is why I didn’t include time resumption(not trying to recreate everything you made obviously)

Well i made this for who that want to use their time on other thing than scripting,and i created the system just for refill of my energy

Uhh i did not add that limitation well i’ll add file soon

Probably one of the detailed resources I’ve seen so far! Looks cool, works amazing! Everything functions nicely. Except the code is a little bit bad. I mean the code is correct, but it doesn’t looks arranged to me. (Only my opinion)

Yeah it use 6 time array of for _v which is unoptimised,I am going to fix that soon

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