Time Stop Freeze issue with anchored parts

I have made a tool that upon activation anchors every base part that is not a descendant of the player’s character and is not already anchored (very similar to The World’s ultimate move from Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure). When anchoring all the parts, the velocity of the parts are perserved. I intend for velocity to be stored because I want it so upon unfreezing the part will move how it was before the freeze without lowering speed and such. I have intended the player to freeze the pendelum model I have (a swinging unanchored part roped to a higher up anchored part) and then use it to jump onto a platform on the other side of it. However, when the player stands on the part, they get propelled in a certain direction. How would I stop a player from being moved by the velocity of the anchored part while also being able to unfreeze and have the part resume its motion at the same velocity it had been moving before the freeze. (Working for MULTIPLE parts that are in motion) Side question, are global variables better than intvalues for a script such as mine?


When you set a velocity on an anchored part, instead of moving the part, it is moving all the humanoids that are touching the part. In your case you need to set the velocity of that part to 0 when you stop time, there is no other way. If you want to save the velocity, you can save it in a separate variable or in a vector3 value inside that part, and when unanchoring, set the velocity to your saved velocity.

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I have thought of this but am having trouble on the reassigning and assigning part of the script. I’ll look further into this to think of other ways.

Edit: I figured out how to implement it after recently retrying, it works great and reapplies the force accordingly.