Time to hide the Collaboration category?

It’s been nearly a year since the #collaboration category closed down, in light of the Talent Hub’s opening. Since then (October of 2021), the category has sat idle; an unsavory graveyard of long outdated #collaboration:recruitment threads.

Nevertheless, to this day, the category still appears prominently on the home page of the developer forums. Its only existing purpose, being to act as a bulletin–to inform incoming developers that recruitment practices have changed. There, many of the latest remaining threads sit, gradually garnering unprecedented attention over time, with their titles unedited.

I think, by now, the time for notification has long passed; it’s perhaps worth evaluating if this category should finally be delisted. Ideally, this would be done in such a way that existing posts to #collaboration:portfolios could still be accessible via link, as (whether rightfully or not) due to Talent Hub limitations, some developers still leverage their old portfolios.

I’m unfamiliar with the workings of Discourse (the apparent forum software that powers the devforum), so I apologize if ‘delist’ is not the proper terminology. I merely do not believe that a category which has been deprecated and inactive for nearly a year, should still be listed when displaying categories on the devforum’s home page.

Replies have raised a few additional factors to consider:

  • Some forum users still search through old threads on #collaboration:portfolios when hiring.
  • Some developers still upkeep their old threads, despite the category being locked.
  • Some feel the Talent Hub is an inadequate replacement, and that damaging the #collaboration
    category’s visibility, may introduce difficulties in contesting its defunct status.

Sorry but it’s still very useful for everyone. You can find someone and PM him.

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Can you elaborate a bit? I’m not writing about any specific thread; it’s my understanding that none of these threads can change their titles, unless they reach out to a moderator.

And when you say that it is “very useful for everyone”, in what way do you mean this? The category is defunct. What do you think would be problematic about removing its visibility?

Simply, sometimes we find old topics of people’s portfolios and we PM them to hire.


I’m still not sure it’s a good idea yet, there’s still a lot of people who haven’t transferred over. The talent hub is better than it was on launch, but the post quality on the talent hub is abhorrent. This is probably because it isn’t locked to a forum audience yet (like #collaboration was) and is therefore an inadequate replacement.


I really agree with this, it just takes space and it’s so annoying.

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fwiw, muting the category will place it in a separate section at the bottom of the homepage



idk why I was linked in this, this is a horrible idea. I hate the talent hub and i still need my portfolio to exist, because I haven’t bothered to actually do anything to my talentnhubtalent hub, i rewlly dont want the section removed


also, for new members it’s already set as muted, And visitors can’t see it.

@csqrl still seems to show sub-categories even though it’s muted, although it has been moved to the bottom

I don’t think it’s time to hide atm


Can someone confirm this claim, that it’s already muted for new members? If that’s the case, then I believe I may be able to safely mark this thread as solved, as existing members can simply adjust their settings. The category is unfortunately not fully muted for new members; the #collaboration:portfolios and #collaboration:recruitment subsections are, but that does not stop the category from being listed. If this could be updated, such that the #collaboration category itself is muted, that may be a good solution.

By the way, I think I should clarify that when I linked @DarkPixlz’s thread, I was merely referencing the thread’s content (which is relevant, as it clarifies that posters on the category are unable to edit their titles). It should not be looked at as an insinuation of their opinion, simply because they’re the OP.

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It’s muted though, that’s what I said

At this point people won’t transfer because Roblox is still keeping the #collaboration category up. Pushing people to do so doesn’t help so at this point closing the category will only be way people move their stuff elsewhere. Keeping it only because people can’t be bothered to look at officially endorsed links and move their portfolios elsewhere is at this point an overused excuse.

It will unfortunately happen as it does with any other popular hiring spot. Just look at Hidden Developers lol


“in light”

No , sometimes people hire there.

Except Fiverr. The profitable companies are always different. It’s 100% scam-proof and there’s algorithms to slowly kill fraud-ish gigs and feature good sellers.

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