Timelines dissapeared in animation editor!

Hello everyone! So when i made animation and left it in anim saves it’s gone and i saw it can do it sometimes, so i’m starting remaking it, but i have another problem…
So, i can choose only 0, 1, 2 and 3 second timelines, but i want to move frames at the middle to 1.5 seconds… How to fix that???

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Hey! If you drag the points into the middle, it should allow you to do points :slight_smile:

During Jan 2024 the AnimSaves folder will be changed Important changes for the Animation Clip Editor AnimSaves folder

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I’m trying to move it, it just comes to 2 or 1, doesn’t work! =( (if it would work i would figure it out by myself beacuse i already have tried before making topic)

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Hi, try this

Click settings icon

Hover at timeline unit

Choose frames

Aand, you’re done!


I noticed that i just could rejoin studio, but thanks for helping! If it will happen again i’ll try your method and if it will help i’ll make it solution, i hope it’s okay, ok?

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Ok, good luck btw, I’m happy for you

thanks, goodluck to you too! (making at least 30 symbols in my message)

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Hi there!

It looks like you need to change your frame rate and/or snap mode.
In the settings menu (top right corner, as shown by SnowKaka), check that the framerate makes sense (and is not set to 1fps, for instance). You can also disable the snap mode, although it’s usually better to keep it so all the tracks are aligned on the same timestamps.

Hope this helps!

Also… The AnimSaves folder disappearing is quite concerning. Do you use any plugin that might access local animations?

I don’t use anything that should delete animsaves and even interact with animations. And it happened for first time also.

About access, i don’t think that one of my plugins would do that beacuse many people were using it before (maybe, it’s just a bug???)

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