TimeScale for Trails

So in my quest to code the ultimate TimeScale system, I’ve encountered a problem that has been bugging me.

Trails have no TimeScale or anything that can help it resemble that.

ParticleEmitters have the handy TimeScale property and Beams have TextureSpeed which can mimic TimeScale, but the closest thing I’ve found for Trails is Lifetime.

Trail.Lifetime = Trail:GetAttribute("Lifetime")/TimeScale

This is a compromise I’ve come to that still presents a few problems.

  1. Existing segments of the trail will not be affected by the change.
  2. The property is capped at 20 seconds so there is no way to actually “pause” it.

Here’s a clip showing the expected result (made of parts) and the actual result (the trail).

Now for my question: Is there any other method that can mimic TimeScale for Trails better than what I already have? Or is this simply not supported by the Roblox engine?

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