Timmy's Graphics Operations Department Information

Timmy’s Graphics Operations Department Information

Timmy’s Graphics is a graphic company on the ROBLOX platform that offers quality graphics for a low price tag. We focus on the quality of our graphics over the quantity of our graphics. If you aren’t satisfied with your graphics, we will make sure it’s perfect before you purchase it.

Operations Information

What does the Operations department do?

The Operations department manages the operations at Timmy’s graphics. They manage our tickets and answer any questions that users may have. They will also work with the President and the Vice President of Timmy’s Graphics on polls, new changes, and much more.

What are tickets for?

Tickets are graphic orders for Timmy to create. Tickets can only be made for users wanting to order graphics, not ask questions in (unless it pertains to their order). If someone is not responding after opening their ticket, you have every right to close the ticket, to close a ticket you can react with the :lock: emoji on the ticket or say “-close (Reason)” inside of the ticket. When someone opens up a ticket, make sure they fill out the format.

When do I punish a user?

When you become apart of the Operations department, it is mandatory that you read our server information page on our graphics server. Once read, you will be quizzed over the rules, if you get an 83% or higher you get to become a member of our Operations department. At the end of every rule it says the punishment for breaking it. If it says to mute the user, you will use the GalacticBot and say “;mute (Their Mention) (Duration) (Reason)”. We recommend muting for at least 24 hours, please use your best judgement when muting a user. If it says to kick a user, you will say “-kick (Their Mention) (Reason)”. To ban a user you s-ay “-ban (Their Mention) (Reason)”.

How do I get promoted?

To be promoted at Timmy’s Graphics, you will need to show activity and show that you know Timmy’s Graphics inside and out. Asking for a promotion will result in an automatic termination from our staff team and a possible blacklist. We do not tolerate the wanting of being free ranked, we believe all ranks should be earned and not given.

NOTE: If you have any questions, please ask the Lead of Operations or a Vice President+.

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