Tiny Games Feedback!

Hello there! I’ve been building all sorts on roblox for a while now, because of how enjoyable the platform is to use, and would love some criticism and feedback on what I’ve made so far, so that I can improve myself!

Following on, there are a few links to places that I have made on Roblox, If you do end up helping, please say what place you’re giving feedback on! Thank you if you do! :smiley:

  • Totally Genuine Aquarium experience link - A half-hearted little ‘lore’ game. More based on building than scripting.
Totally Genuine Aquarium Images


  • sepelire in praeteritum experience link - First ever attempt at a scripted horror-ish game. Focused more on scripting than building.
sepelire in praeteritum Images

  • Untitled experience link - Ok so this one takes a few puzzle aspects, In order to reveal a message after placing swords on statues. It’s very small, and there’s only a few steps, such as standing on wooden plates in order to redirect a beam of light. This puzzle is not immediately obvious.
Untitled Images

  • SNAILS experience link - Again, this one takes puzzle aspects in order to ascend floating islands as a snail. It’s quite small, but the puzzles are more easily identified then the previous game.

Again, I do not expect anybody to give any feedback, but if you would then thank you very much. :slight_smile:

my only few issues with it are well some of the assets from other games like with you’re snail game you are using booga booga’s snail everything else looks good the music is good thumbnail and pictures look good too

the fish game well it needs more non free model assets the humor is ok

ok the horror game needs a lot of work you should of well removed the hd admin icon and well make it feel more legit
final conclusion i think you need to learn to use some kind of 3d modeling software to improve you’re games assets
aquarium game 6/10
horror game 5/10
snail game 8/10


In the praeteritum one, I hold the swords weird,

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Thank you for your feedback! I’ll keep 3d modelling in mind. :smiley:

Tiny menu of 0.25 of size at the center.

Frame size:


Frame Position: