Tiny Trampoline Park | Game Rules

#1 - By playing Tiny Trampoline Park, you agree to follow all of your Countries Federal laws, and local laws. You must also abide by the ROBLOX Terms of Service which can be found here, in addition to the ROBLOX Community Rules

#2 - Spamming is not tolerated at Tiny Trampoline Park and will lead to a ban if caught doing it repeatedly. Staff will warn for it first, but you must take these warnings seriously or action will be taken against you.

#3 - Exploiting is not tolerated at Tiny Trampoline Park and will lead to a permanent ban. There are absolutely no exceptions for this. In addition, you cannot appeal a ban for exploiting.

#4 - Trolling at Tiny (for example saying you want rat soup) it not tolerated and will result in warnings, then a kick from the game. If you continue, you will be banned.

#5 - Bypassing, including swearing is not tolerated at Tiny. This already applies in the ROBLOX Terms of Service.

#6 - If you buy the boombox gamepass, and you choose to play bypassed music, you will be banned without the option to appeal.

#7 - Only use the help feature when absolutely necessary. Abusing this will result in a ban.

#8 - Attempting to utilize an alt account to ban evade will result in a perm ban on both your alt and your main!

#9 - Do not attempt to advertise in game. You will be banned.

#10 - [STAFF] Staff must be professional while on Tiny Trampoline grounds. This does not include developers, or any member of the leadership team as they are not required to use grammar.

#11 - [HR] Hrs cannot change their points. This does not apply to developers or members of the leadership team.

#12 - [ADMIN COMMANDS] If you are caught abusing admin commands such as mentioning all in your commands will get you demoted without any option to appeal. This could also lead to a ban.

By playing any games at Tiny Trampoline Park, you agree to the rules mentioned above. If you do not abide by these rules, you will have action taken against you. Use common sense!