Tiny Trampoline Park | Park Guidelines

Park Guidelines

Written by: DrxpLoxs
Approved by: csimple


Max Promotions a user can get in a day is 1

Coins Promotions


May ask why so high??? You earn coins really fast

10,000 Trampoline Monitor
16,000 Senior Trampoline Monitor
20,000 Medical Staff
35,000 Head Of Staff
50,000 Supervisor

Admin Regulation

Do not use any commands with the argument all or others

Rules On Commands

Teleport (On a higher rank.)

View (On a higher rank.)

Play (Playing Music)

Give (Unless Approved by SHR+)

Countdown - Do not use at any point

Team - Do not use at any point

Btools - Do not use at any point

God - Do not use at any point

Name - Do not use at any point

Insert - Do not use at any point

Time - Do not use at any point

Jump Power - Do not use at any point

Crash - Do not use at any point

Change (Unless Approved by VP+)

Speed - Do not use at any point

Gear (Unless Approved by SHR+)

Shutdown - Do not use at any point

Place - Do not use at any point

SM (Unless important message)

M (Unless important message)

Game & Chat Server Rules

  1. No NSFW content in any of the channels, including the voice channel.
  2. Be respectful of other members, high ranks, and developers.
  3. No spamming, in channels and voice channels.
  4. No advertising.
  5. No obnoxious and/or inappropriate noises in the voice channel.
  6. Private messaging, fights, and other sorts of arguments should be resolved privately, and not on the server.

Players & Staff Regulations

Staff Rules
  1. Follow all general guidelines- You are a member of our staff, but still need to follow the general rules everyone else has to.
  2. Do not share any explicit or inappropriate content - This is not allowed as you may be sharing content that can be viewed by other people who are not at the age.
  3. Use grammar - If you are a worker for Tiny Trampoline Park, you MUST use grammar in game.
  4. Do YOUR job - If you are a worker for Tiny Trampoline Park, you MUST do your job and not someone else’s.
  5. Don’t be bossy - Maintain a friendly relationship with other employees.
  6. Don’t abuse our system - Spamming reviews will result in a demotion.
  7. Don’t admin abuse- Abusing admin will result in a demotion.
Player Rules
  1. Be Kind to Others - Please respect all Guests and staff.
  2. No Spamming - Spamming is strictly not allowed.
  3. Abide All Roblox Rules - Please follow all Roblox rules and Terms of Service.
  4. Do Not Troll - Do not horseplay or spam, more known as, trolling, is not allowed here.
  5. No Online Dating - Online Dating is not allowed.
  6. No Swearing - Swearing is not allowed as it is against Roblox Terms of Service.
  7. No Advertising - Do not advertise anything, advertising is not allowed at any time.
  8. Wear Appropriate Clothing - Please wear clothing that can be worn in public, and you may not dress with no shirt or no pants, or both.

Don’t beg- Earn your ranks!

Tiny Trampoline Park employees and administration must abide by
Roblox Terms of Use and Community Rules, All players are required to abide to them.

Terms of Use

Community Rules