Tipalti website redirecting to a different company

I went to check on my DevEx status in the Tipalti portal just a few minutes ago, and I was faced with this landing page, by another company:

Clicking the company logo (which usually redirects to Roblox’s Tipalti login page) redirected me from Roblox’s Tipalti page to that company’s page. It’s noteworthy that I did double-check the link before posting this, and that this was from a long-used bookmark.


Perhaps this company contributed to making the Dev Ex? It might’ve just been a site error.

Perhaps, but considering the sensitivity of the information contained, and out of an abundance of caution; I decided to report the issue.


Maybe it’s an OAuth or SSO? I see the company that this redirects to is run by Tipalti:

Clarification would be nice however.

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Strange… I have the site bookmarked so if you’d like to double check, here you go:


So did I. A few minutes ago it went back to normal, but thanks!