Tips and Tricks for Beginner Builders | Spieky

Hello, Its Spikey

Hi, I am a Roblox Builder so I just wanted to tell beginner builders some tips and tricks for their building career. So lets get started


1)Using the Gap Fill Plugin


So If you are gonna build a cave it takes some time to make it.

and sometimes parts stick out

But we have an easier way. All you need is a frame like this

then duplicate the frame

now open the Gap fill plugin

now add the red arrow

now connect the blue arrow to the other frame

the final should be like this

Now that easy and time saving

2)Getting closer to an Object



So if you are far from a model and u need to get closer using the cam takes a while

Just press F on your Keyboard while the object is selected

3)Mirroring Objects



So if you want this brick to be in the middle of your part

Just press Ctrl and move

See now that Middle right

4)Filling something with some stuff



Now if You want to fill this box with parts

Duplicate the parts

then You can change the shape and color if u want

make sure the box is anchored :anchor:

while the parts are not

Now move some parts a bit

Now run the game

Now copy this

Stop the run and paste it


U might have seen this on Model Creator’s vids but I didn’t take it from him

The final Video

Part Two is gonna be out soon Kinda Busy
Hope you guys have and amazing day peace and stay safe


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You forgot the part where your suspose to say “Oh and dont use unions im only doing so for tutorial purposes”.
Also the last video is a duplicate of the first.

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nice windows movie maker

cool tutorial

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For some reason idk why people say Dont union
I haven’t faced any problems yet lol

Trust me, they’re very imperformant. I once made a crappy Minecraft test and all of the blocks are unions, so it was so laggu