Tips and Tricks for Building

Building tips.

1. nothing in nature is ever the same color, sometimes it’s important to change colors on models just a little bit. This adds variety to your build and makes it more interesting to look at.

2. There is always some dirt at ledges and corners, if you look at corners and ledges there will always catch some dirt like sand stick and leaves on to them. If you are going for a more detailed look you could add sticks sand and dirt at some tight spaces.

3. There will always grow plants like grass at tight spaces like ledges and corners. These plants will also always grow next to poles and trees.

4. Nothing is ever straight in nature. Make sure to always let trees lean to the ground a little bit. This will create depth in your bulld.

5. Nothing is the same size in nature, just change the size in your build on some models. This small detail will make everything look way better.

6. Lighting is one of the most important factor to a good looking build. Once you improve the lighting, it is able to uplift the overall looks of your build.

7. Nothing is perfect, you can’t make a perfect natue build because nothing is or will ever be perfect.

8. Make diffirent versions of models to give your build even more variety and better final results

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If you got any other tips let me know


You’ll need to add context for this. You make it seem like grass always has to grow in every corner.


I believe he means for a more realistic build, you can add plants and such in tight edges in corners.

I don’t believe he meant every edge and corner grows plants so make sure to add that too your builds.


Fixed it, thanks for the tip! :+1:

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