Tips For Advance Building

Does any body have any tips for advance building and advance map design. When I mean advance map design I’m talking about guts and black powders maps. And I need some info on advance building. Thank you for your time

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Not fully sure what you mean by guts, but I can tell you that the higher quality games make EVERYTHING in blender. Terrain, models, buildings,

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For general map design, you’ll need to have a sort of theme in mind. Say I want to build a modern city. I’d start with greyboxing the layout and tweaking it as I go.

For simple, more geometrical buildings, it’s easiest to just make it in Studio, but for anything else it’s best to use Blender. With the city example, I would likely make all street decorations (Lights, benches, etc.) in Blender, while making the buildings in both Blender and Studio.

For your example of Guts and Blackpowder, most of the maps can be defined into about 3 areas: A starting area, a movement area, and a final area. I’ll use the snowy map as an example (I think it’s Vardohus, I haven’t played in a while.) The starting area would be the spawn location, the small town. The moving area would start when you start digging through the snow and getting closer to the lighthouse. The final area would the the small building, lighthouse, and dock as you wait for the ship to come.

Overall, just chunk the map into sections, and try to keep a theme.


For map design I highly recommend watching this video. It’s an incredible resource.

It does not cover genre-specific design, such as designing PvP maps or RPG maps. You’ll have to find additional resources for those kinds of maps.

As for building the maps themselves, it’s mostly just practice. It sounds cheesy but just build some maps, then ask for feedback, and then use that feedback to build better maps. Every now and then ask yourself how you can speed up your building process and then check if there are tools that can simplify tasks you do often. Practice makes perfect.