Tips for animating?

  • What are you attempting to achieve? i wanna learn animation for roblox
  • What is the issue? idk where to start

right now i currently trying to learn animation bcuz all my weapon anims suck but idk where to start


ok, I already have experience in animations, I’ll explain

the best way to start is using the moon animation and then blender

I recommend that you look at animators like Altiwyre AltiWyre - YouTube and base yourself on their animations

To improve your animation style you must learn the 12 principles of animation 12 Principles of Animation (Official Full Series) - YouTube - The 12 Principles of Animation (With Examples) - IdeaRocket

This will help you control the anticipation of each animation you are going to do keep in mind USE MANY REFERENCES Depending on the animation that you are going to do, try to look for examples and references such as blows, kicks, ect.

the animation in FPS
Keep in mind to look for good references of the type of weapon if it is a glock-17 or a desert eagle look on youtube for the type of reload and the delay


Thanks for the tips ^^ i’ll try to learn when i can :smiley: