Tips for indoor environment design?

I’m trying to make walls and new content for my facility I’m making. I’m having some troubles with creating new and unique stuff, any suggestions or tips? I’ve done looking at concept art and models and want to try making my own.

I can help more easily if you share a photo or sketch of what you want to do. :grinning:

Still in progress.

First of all, I want to share my views about the interior.

  • It’s a little dark here. You can make it a little more beautiful by adding light.
  • Add some more plants, security guards … stuff
  • You can add passageways (doors in corridors).
  • Put sign-style things around it, even if it’s not related to the inside.

These are the ones that come to my mind for now. I always add new things as they come to mind.

Good luck!


Thanks, later on today I’ll be redoing the hallway seen in the first and third photo.

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I would appreciate it if it is marked as solved :slight_smile: