Tips for making a 3rd person gun system


I currently started to make a 3rd person gun system. And because i am not far yet, I have a few questions:

1. If you would start scripting a gun system, what would you start with?

2. How do I do it, that i have a module script in each gun with all Settings(Gun Type: Automatic, Shotgun; Firerate, Spread, …)

3. How would you do it? (FastCast Module, make everything youreself, copieng code from a Tutorial and change some stuff)

4. Would you do everything in a script or everything in a module script?

Hope you can help me a bit!

Thanks :smiley:

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  1. I personally prefer to start with the basic gun tool and local scripts and then proceed with the serverside stuff.

  2. Just put some module script. Also consider putting one module script for all gun settings so you dont have to go through every single one every time you want to add a new stat. Also make sure to use metatables in case you forget to add a stat to a gun

  3. Depends if you want hitscan (raycast, highly recommended) or projectile bullets. Do not copy stuff from tutorials, try to make your own code.

  4. I’d use several scripts, depending on your needs. If you need to use GUIs, camera controls or such for more than just guns, I’d make a separate script for each of these systems. One local script and one normal script + the config module script will do if you dont have too big needs.

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