Tips for my low poly island?

I’m making an Low Poly Island for a survival game. The Island is built in blender and stuff like trees and rocks is made in blender. The middle part of the Island is kinda boring, What should I do? I am also planning to make a building system and I don’t want to mess up the collisions things.

The Island:


Here are my ideas on what to put in the middle fo the island:

  • House/shack (maybe for a shop of some sort)
  • A Campfire
  • A small lake
  • A small mountain
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boats? like a boat went into island and it broke?


Perhaps a shipwreck with debris scattered?


hello i liked your build is it possible if i could hire you?

Try adding a low poly shipwreck.

I personally think that this build is really nice, perhaps try changing the sky and add something like a small shack in the middle of the island to make it feel less empty. Possibly add some broken coconuts around the trees and some in the trees. You could also try a shipwreck as I see many others have suggested it beforehand so I don’t want to take any credit from that.

Overall, you’ve done a really good job and I wish you luck for the future!

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