Tips for my Wild RPG game

So i have a game working on with my friends, one did the most was @Cffex and the rest is… quite useless (probably cuz they got a life unlike us :grinning:). I’m a beginner but knows quite a bit just from devforum. Since i am the one who has the idea of the game, i thought of the game, @Cffex doesn’t know what I’m thinking so it’s gonna be quite challenging with 2 developers. Anyways the game seem like its 3% done, we did like absolute nothing since there’s school. Because of that, i don’t have much time to learn and he doesn’t have time to go on
So if anyone has any ideas for the game, please tell me! :smiley:
here are some pictures

(sorry for my bad grammar)


What is the game about though?


Maybe change the materials to 2022 materials since they look ugly on parts.

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It is an open-world RPG.

So little characters that I had to put this sentence here.


I would suggest that you enable 2022 materials as those look way better than the new ones.

The map has a lot of space, it’s too open, I would suggest adding more nature like giant rocks or bigger trees, even grass

Add more details to the house on pic 02