Tips for our Sword Game (OLD)

My team and I created a sword fight game!

People don’t play to much, and it taked a time to make.

We will be happy if you will test it and post a tip on how to upgrade it.

Thanks a lot!

Game :
Sword Fighting [BETA] - Roblox

New : Tips for our game !


Change “Cash” to something like points because it can be mistaken for gambling.

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Ok thanks so much !! Oop we will do it.

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No… No I don’t think so?

TONS of games use “Cash” or “Bucks” for their Datastores. Most youtube tutorials on datastores also use “Coins/Cash”. Not sure why you think it would be used for gambling?


I couldn’t get in, no access to the experience.

Sorry if this is all over the place but these are my thoughts after playing the game:

The game itself is a good start for learning how to develop. First of all, make sure you don’t have parts phasing into each other visibly. It looks really buggy. I can’t take a screenshot of it looking buggy but here’s an image of 2 parts phasing into each other:

Don’t have that part glitching inside of the other one. The entire grass does this too and it looks really bad.

In terms of the building itself, the lobby is structured ok but it needs work. The colors and materials are a bit weird. Maybe try playing some games that have a style you like to get ideas for how to make things look nice. Things like this fountain can be polished; learn to use increments and make the corners line up.
The obby is pretty short too, but that’s just preference.

Another thing to work on is the maps. They are small and not very detailed. Sometimes when the map would spawn in I’d literally fall out because I was glitched into the floor.
For moving players (characters) I’d suggest using model:MoveTo() because it automatically finds the highest clear point to place the model at, although if you have an invisible part in the map that wont work.

The gameplay is ok but the swords should have a sound effect when you land a hit so you know you hit the player. Anything to make it more obvious that you’re doing something. Lots of popular games achieve feelings of power by using sounds and particle effects well.

Lastly, the gui is pretty good. I think it needs more work/ detail but if you like it the way it is I don’t think it’s that bad. One issue is the shop button’s text isn’t contrasting enough to the background.
I’d suggest making the text darker so it’s easier to read.

Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions about this.

You should add more detail to map. Also, try not to use free models as they likely have viruses. If you do use free models, check to see if there are any unnecessary scripts in them and make sure they are made by an official model maker.

You can check to see if it is made by an official model maker by seeing if the model has this badge image
It will be shown in the bottom right hand corner of the model in the toolbox.


Here is a link for a list of players that currently have the official roblox model maker badge.

Thanks! My friends and me will fix it. Thanks for playing and giving tips.

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How old is that wiki page? I have the RBXM badge and I do not see my name on the list?

There is no RBXM badge on your profile.

I do have the rbxm badge. Let me check my profile again. I have the rbxm badge, not sure why I cannot see it.

You’re right, I misread my profile page.:blush: