Tips for promoting my new game Randobby

I’m currently working on my Randobby game - [UPDATE] Randobby - Roblox

I work alone, creating the entire game myself. I would like to know from you what is missing in my game and to what extent is this the reason for its failure? What advice can you give on promoting, improving the general and specific details of the game?

What the game is about: This is another platformer, but with its own peculiarity - an obby is generated at the beginning of each round. The goal of the players is to get there first in order to get more gems, which can be used to buy devices. The devices, in turn, make the passage easier, increasing the character’s characteristics.
The game has a system of quests, gifts for time and, in my opinion, a cool feature - calls from NPCs and your friends. (I suggest seeing this mechanic in person)

That’s all.

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call it rng obby cuz three braincell kids will go OMG RNG LIKE SOLS RNG MY FAV GAME!?!1! and add afk to really lean into the rng feature. more rng is needed for best rng money farming

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