Tips for realistic night time and day time lighting

Hey all, I really can’t find many good lighting tutorials out there, because they a re what I am trying to achieve. I want to have a place where the reflections and place looks realistic. I have tried experimenting on my own but with mediocre results. I wish to have my models not look like plastic when put into a scene.


1. For lights I recommend you adding bloom and adjusting its properties so it fits in your game style.
2. Not all skyboxes look good in reflections.

And can you provide more details about results you want to achieve?

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Realistic Lighting Tutorial

ROBLOX Studio Tutorial: Lighting - YouTube

Try this tutorial, it helped me with realistic lighting and there is a showcase of night and day lighting.


Try out the realistic plugin, has good lighting stuff, then just adjust it to your likings

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I’ve found that color correction tends to help with it, (don’t use too much however).

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There are many guides under (#resources:community-tutorials) that explain ways for achieving realistic lighting. For getting reflections on certain objects apply a skybox and set your assets reflection to something like 0.60 or higher. Capturing realism is basically experimenting with effects and different properties, instill you set a atmosphere you like.

Have you consider tweaking and inserting many lighting effects. (ColorCorrection, SunRays, Color_Shift, Bloom). And adjust them instill you get something you like. Here is a thread that goes into more depth about accomplishing realistic lighting:

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From my own opinion, these ‘realistic’ lighting generators are just a blanket solution for your game. To get actual realistic lighting, you’re going to have to have to:

  • Reflect on what type of game you’re trying to create.

For example, you could be trying to create a horror game in a swamp. This is the lead example I’ll be using, just replace my example with what your game could be about.

  • Filter out what you don’t want for your game.

Maybe Depth of Field looks nice and makes it seem more polished but you need to see far distances in your game. Maybe the color correction is messing up core game mechanics. If any of these lighting effects are ruining your games look or even worse, ruining how your game is played, remove them or soften them down.

  • Look up real photos of your games atmosphere.

Going back to our example, horror game in a swamp. I found multiple images on Google that showcase good lighting and atmosphere.

With this photo, it’s obvious there should be some sort of green and blackish tint to the game, as well as blueish green fog in the distance.

  • It’s not just about LightingService effects!

Going back to the photo above, the lights in the photo are matching the surrounding atmosphere. If the yellow lights were switched to white, the game/photo would look unappealing, almost like it doesn’t belong.

So keeping that in mind, make sure your lights match up with your actual lighting effects.