Tips on animating

So I’m a complete beginner in animating and to start off I’m trying to do simple animations like a walk or running animation. I’m having a problem though, how do I make the animation not look jumpy, whenever I play the animation it looks like it jumps, or skips not really sure how to explain.



Try adding more keyframes and adjusting them accordingly. I suggest you watch some videos on how to animate. Animating is indeed hard but if you get used to it, it will be pretty easy. Start with small and easy animations and then you can go with the harder ones. Also, May I know which software you’re using to animate?

Here are some videos that might help you:

I hope this helps you.

Good luck animating! :slight_smile:


Add more Keyframes to make it have more movement

Yea I’m just using the default studio animator, should I be using a different one?

No. You can use the default one.