Tips on becoming a good builder and Give me some feedback or anything regarding my Struggle

I haven’t started building anything complex all I was doing was making basic things so I can later on make advanced things. Thanks for the Feedback!

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What I did at the very beginning that helped was to find something in the toolbox, put it into a baseplate, and with only looking at it, try to recreate that model.

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Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it!

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Just a small note: Try to avoid clutter and whatnot on a thread, “send friend request” can usually just be PMed to the user. Becoming a better builder is just practice. That being said, here are some tips that could possibly help you out.

You can improve by looking at images and proportions of buildings and other things to make things look good. For example, you can possibly build small scenes or showcases based off other images. Try creating some small scenes based on a reference image keep experimenting with different styles. Don’t be scared to try new things; try to make things that you’ve never made before. Finally, you should look up a few decent tutorials if it’s needed.

The most effective way to improve in my opinion is to play other people’s showcase games yourself, looking at every little detail and wondering "what type of parts (meshes, decals, textures) did they use for that or how did they make this look so good? Definitely try focusing on something your most interesting in. Just practice at first by planning out whatever pops up in your head or look at other people’s creation and look at them that inspire you.

I would consider checking out this topic.




what do you mean by this? how do you end up becoming a programmer?

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Honestly, everyone starts in different ways. What you just need to do is keep increasing your quality in your builds as you learn. Looking at tutorials and learning things like solid modeling is good, but the practice is what’s most important.

Mess around with tools that you find on Studio. Even if it doesn’t look good, try to understand what each thing does and how you can apply that in the future. I see that some people here said to start complex builds, but I honestly disagree with that. If you’re new, I think you should start building basic things to get accustomed to Studio. When I started building, I made simple things like chairs, tables, doors, lanterns, etc. Once I learned how to do all of this, I recreated those models I made before but with better quality and more detail. I also took a good look at the models in the toolbox, and basically “reverse-engineered” them to see the tricks that people use.

Once you feel more confident with yourself and more skilled, that’s when you should start making more complex builds and looking at showcases for inspiration.

Like I said before, this might not be the best way for you, but it’s how I started. Experiment around and see what’s best for you. Good luck!


I am not a builder but I think I can still help you some. When I was first learning to code I found it tremendously helpful to work with people more knowledgeable than myself. Working in collaboration with people who can teach you is, in my opinion, the fastest way to improve (though this is subjective). I suggest finding someone whose builds you aspire to, and attempting to work with them if possible.


I mean first I have interst in building then I have interst in Progamming and this whole thing continues.

Tutorials be super helpful when trying to build using new or complex methods, or learning software such a blender for modelling - however you should approach with caution. As a builder you want to develop your own unique, personal style as this is essentially what differentiates you from the crowd.

Heads up! There aren’t really any tutorials on developing style, and it can’t be rushed either. The more you build, the better you become. Set yourself a task to build something you’d consider to be difficult, and work your way through it - you’ll develop skills as you go.

As a general rule to improve, I’d say organisation is key. Before beggining a project, gather pictures for reference and create a rough plan. For larger projects, create lists you can tick off as you go.
And to enhance your builds I’d say use the full variety of tools studio has to offer. Solid modelling, constraints, lighting and many other less obvious features improve your builds drastically.

Good luck, Jay.

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well if you have interest in programming and building, then why not do both? what’s making you stop do programming?

I am just interested in building not programming sometimes I just like switch over to scripting for some reason but then I again switch over to building this keeps happening to me I just want to Specialize in Building not scripting as I don’t have that much interest as I have on building

I understand what you’re saying, and it happens.

Considering this sounds like a problem of constantly switching between interests, I’d highly suggest trying to do those things that you are interested so that you can get a firm grasp in them. Sort of like how @Crashee worded it, everyone starts in different ways, so if at the moment you want to learn how to build, then do it how you’re comfortable with, but I’d highly suggest going just a bit over your comfort zone and putting yourself on the spot just to take a moment to build whatever it is that is making you interested in the first place. I’d recommend using tools like F3X to do that.


Thanks, Darboticus! I appreciate what you said! I will do things which I’m interested in :smiley:

Well, ever since 2016, the only thing I could build was nothing, I only used other people’s models and builds from toolbox. I went into studios everyday, and I practiced with a part. I scaled it, rotated it, etc. So, once I learned this, I wanted to make a chair. Well, I’ll tell ya something, the chair looked awful. So, I kept on making a chair. After a while, I got the hang of it, and I made myself a chair. Then, I learned that you can download plugins in order to make your life so much more easier. The first ever plugin I downloaded was Building Tools by F3X. I played around a little with this plugin, and got the hang of it. Basically what Im trying to say is that everyone, even the best of the best, started somewhere. They practiced some part of their life, and became what they are today. You just have to get to know your way of building, just like how you get to know another person.


I’d just mess around with studio! Build something random. What I do to refine my skills is just look up an item online and try recreating it. You should also look into installing some plugins onto studio, they help out a ton! Here’s what I consider my ‘essential’ list of plugins.


Archimedes v2
Model Resize


In my opinion, try take inspiration from other builders. And see what you like about them. Such as style. And also make sure you love what your doing!

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Start using plug-ins early, like F3x, and crap… Maybe even mess around with blender?