Tips on being an GFX designer

Hello, all! I am Power, member of the Devfourm and I was thinking on being an GFX designer very soon! and, I was thinking to ask my developers some ideas on to be an GFX designer! Bc, it would be great if you would give me some ideas, on being an GFX designer! Bc I think it’ll be great on getting ideas first on being an GFX designer! and I kinda won’t mind, then but it would be appreciated if you developers! give, me some ideas as a GFX designer but that would be great if you do! and you can message me, on private messages as we’ll also! if you want tho but it would be great! if you would give me some tips or ideas, on being an GFX designer! then.

[NOTE]- please, note! portfolio will close once we get a bit of ideas or tips, and we’ll close it once ready! and replies will be locked! also.

and that, would be appreciated if you would do.


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Hello @powerranger4610,
There are plenty of tips and tricks available all over the internet.
Here’s a Reply that i wrote for a user that wanted to know some tips as well!

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If you want to be a good designer, you have 4 important things to note.

Foundation —> Posing —> Rendering —> Photoshop

Foundation is simple, you should get a good set of background along with a suitable character for your scene. When you’re creating a GFX, think of like you’re trying to tell a story to the viewers. That way, they would get more sense on what you’re trying to say.

Second thing is posing, you wanna pose your character as good as possible, I found people often suffer with R15 rigs, while it’s easy for me for some reason. R6 rigs doesn’t have much flexibility, with that, even a small or a noticeable distortion of the character can make a GFX better. R15 rigs, you must do it with a minimal amount of distortion of the rig so the character looks more sense.

Third, rendering. Rendering is like a sword, if you use it right, it will boost your GFX, if not, it will ruin it. The main concept of rendering is taking the picture and lighting the character well. If you did a bad lighting, your hardworks aren’t gonna paid off. So, be serious about this part. As long as you can make everything look sense inside rendering, it will boost your GFX.

Lastly, photoshopping. Yes you could skip this part but adding more effects on it can still bring a tiny amount of effectiveness.

The most important thing about a GFX is keep making it. You can’t make a good GFX without a bad GFX.


Hey, good! and thanks for that opinion, I really appreciate the support! and I’ll see if I could use that for GFX stuff, even! but good work.

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Hello, thanks for the tips! and that’s very interesting but thanks again, on it! and thank you! for your support.



Hello, all! thank you all! for the good tips on being an GFX designer! that, is appreciated thank you all! who, helped us out and I hope to see more tips on being an GFX designer! from, others soon.

  • Learn the software first, Take some time to learn blender itself and play around with the tools it has. Learning modeling will help you greatly when you want to create 3d scenes.

  • Don’t learn from inexperienced kids, this is a big problem alot of new 3D artists come across. Following those tutorials (9/10 times) will give you a bad workflow and you wont learn anything new as they just have sloppy methods and end up giving you dull outcomes such as these (no offense picklepie)


Instead look at tutorials from known sources like Blender Guru, Ian Hubert, CG Matter, CG Boost etc.

  • Keep practicing, don’t worry that your first renders aren’t the most amazing in the world, everyone has to start somewhere. Try challenging yourself to make artwork that pushes your limits and when you get stuck ask for help. My first GFX was literal garbage but I kept going and now I make way better artwork.

First GFX:

My Current GFX:

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Hey, nice opinion! and thanks for the tips! and I’ll make sure to learn the software firstly! but, thanks again! for the nice tip and good to know howerver, it might take some time to learn it! which, is okay tho! like it’s good to learn new things! and thanks, for the tip.

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Hello, all! the portfolio is now closed! and replies our now currently unavailable! But, thanks to all the developers! for, giving me tips on being an GFX designer! it’ll, help a lot but thanks again! to everyone that has gave me tips.

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