Tips on better ceiling lights?

I need your opinion on the light, which one of these 3 seems better for a creepy ambience and why?


Light is yellow, lights are either orange white.
Go witht he second one, but have actual lights themselves be tinted yellow aswell

I’d say probably the second one because the yellowish tint gives a more creepier vibe.

tbh i vibe with the first. but in all reality it depends.

The first one with a bit less orange gives a creepier vibe, it seems to be “darker” than the other colours and as we know, darker colours gives off more creepy vibes because that’s how (most) human brain works. They seem to be all creepy on its own because of the Range you gave it or the brightness.

Are you using Future Lighting? If so I recommend using an inner and outer light like this.

The light on the top is an outer glow(the red light you see on the ground)
The red light outlines the white light because of the shadows created by the glowing white cylinder.


This creates a pretty cool dramatic effect like this

Another effect I use tries to imitate the way flash lights look in real life
With a brighter inner glow and a softer outer glow, this effect is personally my favorite.

This effect is very simple, being 2 Spot Lights.
One spot light has a smaller angle, shorter range, and higher brightness
The other has a larger angle, larger range, but a lower brightness

I use this effect on stuff like street lights too!

Just some ideas, hope this helps!


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