Tips on building simulators


Im looking for any tips for building simulators to make the game look more kid friendly and engaging colors, structure types, textures etc. Any tips are appreciated :slight_smile:

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I’ve done research on this topic many times and it seems that kids really enjoy cartoon/fiction themed games these days.

Building Aspect

Structures with a modern and low poly build are great for cartoon themed games. Size is a fictional property, something like what Meep City and Adopt Me houses are a good example, the houses are small on the outside, big on the inside.

Design Aspect

When keeping a cartoony feel to your game, the colors have to be rich, avoid using pale and dull colors. Textures are not necessary, but something simple would do. Kids these days are not engaged that much with reading, less text, more icons, more images.

User Interface

This is personally the most essential part of a game, a user interface will always be on the screen of your players, keep your ui clean, simple and user friendly. Make navigation efforless and seemless. User experience is key to a great game.

How do I come up with good game ideas?

Make some cool cartoon eggs! That will be attractive to some users! You could also make some really cool levels? What is your simulator theme if you don’t mind sharing?


I don’t really have a theme yet the question was just theoretical and thanks for the reply ill be sure to make some cartoon eggs if i do make a simulator :slight_smile:

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