Tips on composing music?

Hey, so for my school assignment I need to compose video game music. This actually quite benefits me as a game developer and such. Any professional composers, do you guys have any tips? the task forces you to use BandLab.


This involves a lot of basic music theory at first hand. Then it’s literally anything. I have never used BandLab before but I’m pretty sure that’s not an issue. Just mix them right and it should sound fine.




In my opinion, beginning to start composing can be really frustrating as you’ll have trouble with writing the melodies. Take your time to make it sound good and if you’re really stuck, I’d advise you just scrap the melody and start with a new one. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the sound to see what sounds good.

A tip I can give you is to listen to a lot of genres of music and look for official instrumental tracks of the songs you like. Really focus on the structure of the track and how it’s composed, listen for subtle sounds and how the music transitions. By doing this, you can learn a lot about composition.


Yeah in my opinion as well, just listing to a lot of the music you want to make can seriously make a difference.
As with most things to, you arnet gonna be good at it right out the box. Your gonna make terrible songs which you’re gonna look back at and cringe at. But don’t worry. You’re gonna get through it.