How to make a nice beat for you game lobby! (8 steps)

Hello! Today I will be teaching you how to make a easy beat for you game lobby! I make music almost daily on FL Studio however when I first started I used the free version of the website SoundTrap. The software is free to use and available right in your browser! Because many of you are just starting out I will use the free loops available to help you out even more.

Step #1: Get on to the SoundTrap studio.

You should be on a screen similar to this. You will need to login or create an account to access the studio.

Step #2: Go navigate to the sidebar and choose piano.

Now you want to navigate to the sidebar and click on the music not button. When the loops section pops out go to piano. I chose the Anthem - Piano Chords 1 but you can choose and of the other Anthem Chords. Next you want to double click on the loop and it will be inserted into the studio. Then you want to drag it out another 2 bars.
This is what mine sounds like so far:

Step #3: Add drums.

Next you want to add drums. The drum loop I chose is called Edgy Drummer however there are other drum loops you can use. to find them just click on the Drums category of the loop section. Add the drums by double clicking and then drag it out for 4 bars.
This is what mine sounds like so far:

Step #4: Add bass and change the piano chords.

Now you are going to do 2 things. First you want to go into the loop section and go to piano. I am using the Anthem - Piano Chords 2 for my second piano chord. You can use which ever one you would like but I recommend using one from the same pack as your first chords. Next you want to add bass. I chose the bass loop called Beach [Cm] it sounds really good and goes well with the piano chords. After that drag out the loops to the same length as in my screenshot and also turn the bass volume down just a little bit.
This is what mine sounds like so far:

Step #5: Play the piano chord by its self.

For this step all you have to do it drag out the piano chords another 4 bars. This will be the calm part of the loop.

Step #6: Add back drums and bass with the first piano chords.

You need to now copy and paste the bass and the drums to the end of the 2nd piano chords. (Check screenshot for help.) To copy and paste either do ctrl+c and then ctrl+v or right click on the loop and click copy and then paste it in your desired location. After you add back drums and bass then add the 1st piano chords back also.
This is what mine sounds like so far:

Step #7: Fade out bass and then drag out drums and piano.

Now you need to fade out the bass. Do fade out a track select click and drag the white dot above that shows up when you hover over a track. Once you fade out the bass then drag out the drums another 4 bars and drag the piano out five. Fade out the drums and then fade out the piano start the drum fade out 2 bars before.
This is what mine sounds like:

Step #8: Save, Sync, Mix.

All you have to do now is click save let it sync and then wait for it to mix. And then boom you have a nice little lobby beat for your game. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. When my group funds come in I will upload my version of the song onto roblox and link it in the the replys.
As always thanks for reading and I hope to see many people use this tutorial!
-maz :slight_smile:


Honestly this is pretty clever if you don’t know anything about producing music but still want something custom. Neat idea


I’ll have to check this out! I have been wanting to get into composing for my own games so thank you so much! :grin:


This is a great and quick way to make quality music! I also saw you can create your fully custom music too without choosing those presets which is even more fantastic (without having to pay for softwares like Studio One etc…) Thanks for letting us know about this!

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oh , I always thought of using SoundTrap when I heard commericals about it on Spotify , I will use the page for reference , thanks! Now I know how I will make my own OSTs