Tips on getting started with a basic interactive game?

Something with dialogue like this?

Would it be suggested to build the background or use a backdrop?

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Its really more a question of the amount of work you want to do and who your audience will be.
Roblox is a 3D physics platform, so it will be easier on devices such as mobile, if you use the 3D render of built backgrounds.
But that really depends on how large the background images would be or if you are better and finding builders or artists for the backgrounds.

You sort of have to think in terms of ‘what can I make more easily’ and ‘how much bandwidth and memory will this consume’


Also, I might add that even if you build the background and have a lack of detail versus a drawn image, if the story is compelling and the game is well made, a more simplistic build will be just as fun and popular to players as a drawn image.

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FYI that’s called a visual novel, not a point-and-click game :wink:

How you make your visuals is totally up to you. You have your creative freedom, you can do what you want.

Using the 3D Roblox engine instead of externally-created images would probably be the better option because it’s Roblox and because we don’t have a lot of options for making images look good at different resolutions (plus there is a max image size, 1024x1024, for textures in Roblox which means higher resolutions will look u-g-l-y!). It will be harder in terms of scripting, probably, but will also have more potential for unique things (such as actually playing animations instead of just changing frames once in a while) and will generally suit the platform more.

Also be aware the visual novels won’t be very popular with the majority of Roblox’s playerbase for various reasons, the main one being kids mostly don’t like reading (which sucks, but that’s the reality). Not saying you shouldn’t do it, but stuff like that is always good to be aware of before you start. This is actually where having other interesting mechanics comes in, like how I mentioned playing animations earlier.


What are your tips for nesting dialogue like the image provided above? I want to give the player options to select.

Well the game I’m trying to make is not anime based, so I would not consider it to be a visual novel. The dokidoki literature club image was an example of the type of dialogue I wanted to incorporate into my game. So any suggestions on how to make that kind of dialogue would be appreciated.

I’ll probably do what SelDraken said, use a 3D render or screenshot. I’m still unsure if I want the game to be comedic or not, but if it is then the design will look crappy on purpose and I wouldn’t need anything fancy.

Hmmm, well I’m still juggling ideas on what the game should be. For one of my game ideas, it already has an established fanbase. I’m not too worried about catering to other people. I just want to have fun and learn. hehe.

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This response contradicts the title and the contents of the OP. What you posted is not a point-and-click, but apparently what you want is one…? What exactly are you trying to accomplish - the dialogue or the game itself? Pick one. I read this whole topic and I can’t quite figure out what it is that you’re trying to accomplish. Being explicit in a support request is crucial to laying down fundamental understanding so the topic can be explored and potentially solved.

I’m asking for tips on how to start a point and click game, including dialogue like the example posted above, and some suggestions for backdrops.

Ok to better explain myself, my idea is very similar to the game Franky the Bum Walker.

I am looking for advice on how to create the dialogue similar to what’s shown in the trailer, and I was wondering whether it would better to build a 3d background or have a 2d background image.

As others have already pointed out, that’s not really what I would call a point and click game, so the title is a tad misleading.

My best advice for making a dialog system like that would be to just have a basic template for dialog boxes that you could copy/edit. The text effects and everything can be added when editing said template.

And I agree with what other people have said. 3D backgrounds are better suited for Roblox’s engine and you have more control over them.


I have changed the title to suit the question. Thanks for the advice. :+1:


First of all, I would like to say, comments such as " won’t be very popular with the majority of Roblox’s playerbase" is really off topic and not very constructive advice. I know everyone has their opinion, but player’s likes and dislikes change all the time, and Roblox has proven to be a very versatile platform with players ranging greatly in age, and interests. So I wouldn’t really listen to comments like that. If your game is fun, and well made, you will have a following. I would have never thought my game (a glorified ‘Mermaid Pool’ game) would be so popular (even though I am never top of the list on any games page, Roblox has made several toys of my game characters and put them in the Roblox books)

Ok, so now about your game…
I think doing a point and click, (graphic novel or not) is going to be very story driven, so yeah the dialog will be important. In my game I had a setup for talking to NPC’s that was similar to the original image in your post. How I did it… Originally I would detect the players click onto the NPC, and then set the players camera to be at a position where the NPC’s face was to the upper left of the screen, and I had my dialog (using ScreenGui) in the middle right of the screen, with response choices at the bottom.

This worked well, with the only problem being that on occasion, depending on where the player was standing when clicking, or where other players would be, sometimes the NPC was obscured.

So what I did different, and what would probably work better for your game style (being point and click) is to have each background scene where you might speak with an NPC be stored in a folder (“ReplicatedStorage”) perhaps. When the players talks with an NPC, move the camera off game, to an empty area of the map, and load the scene (NPC’s and Background) from ReplicatedStorage into that blank area of the map. Then display your dialog, and when the chatting is over, delete the Dialog Scene, and put the camera back into game. (A lot of graphic type rpg’s that I have played (and well umm… disassembled) had pre set scenes for dialog and even battles)

Hope this helps and maybe gives you some ideas.