Tips on how to make a good Medieval Horror story?

Hey guys. I was thinking of making a story for my Medieval Survival-Horror game. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at writing stories. So, I wanted to ask you wonderful people for tips. Heres some details about the game:

  • Medieval, of course
  • Takes place in a dungeon
  • Takes place in 1486, somewhere in Spain
  • The player is a peasant



This would be easier if I knew what the enemies were.

How about the players is being taken to the dungeon, but as they’re walking down the hallway to the cell, the monster (or whatever the bad guy is) attacks! It kills one of the guards so the players grabs the guard’s sword and fights it for a few seconds and then it runs away.

Then it could be similar to other horror games where you have to solve puzzles to unlock more rooms with more puzzles and slowly but surely get stronger. After a while the monster comes back and you fight it and then solve more puzzles, more rooms, etc.

Until you finally see the final exit and light of day when all of the sudden you hear cracking on the ceiling above you, it sounds like the foot steps of the monster. “Well, at least it’s above me and not here!” Sike! It breaks through the ceiling right in between you and the door, you have to fight it and kill it for good this time. “AHHHHHHH” screams the player as they’re petrified in fear, but then they fight it and have a super epic battle and kick that monster’s butt and escape the dungeon and instead of being a criminal they’re now a hero for defeating that terrible monster that’s been terrorizing the towns people for years.


I personally use chatGPT which blows my mind with it’s stories.


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