Tips on huge terrain that causes lag and publish failures

Hello everyone!
So I am trying to make a map. And the map should be huge. But the problem is that the terrain causes so much lag.

I thought about adding a fog. So players won’t be able to see so far away from them, but it is still very laggy. I think it even fails to publish, I saved the game to my PC, it’s 400KB.
Does anyone have any tips or solutions for me to reduce the lag in the terrain? I calculated the maximum time that I want the player to be able to walk through 1 part of the terrain to the other side. But that size is way too big.
Thanks for everyone who responds :slight_smile:
And is it possible to make the terrain load when it is a specific distance from you?

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Turn on StreamingEnabled and watch the magic. Cut my game’s memory and load time in more than half


Thanks! I will try that :slight_smile:

Yes, streaming enabled makes a huge difference on load times, if you can accept the artifacts that come with dynamically loading. I think if you have a slow moving character its better than if you have a plane or fast car which can make the streaming enabled look glitchy.

On the publish failures, check your upload bandwidth! I had months of painful publishing of a large terrain map that boiled down to my router’s upload bandwidth limit. When I found that and removed the limit my publish failures went away. I was pretty consistently getting the publish failure at the 2 minute mark. I think roblox gives up at that point and throws a generic message. It would be helpful if the error message said. Maximum upload time limit exceeded! I could have found the solution faster. I had been assuming my place was too big to publish but it was an arbitrary upload time limit.