Tips on making GUI's?

So, I’m finishing up my combat game, and I have to make a weapons shop GUI.

Thats what it’s looking like right now, I’ve never been good at making GUI’s but I feel like this one is really bad, mostly the red selecting part. I’d like some tips on making GUI’s maybe.

I think it’s looking great! Especially if you don’t usually make GUI or have issues with them as someone who makes guis and animations I’d say the green area the text is hard to read with the background maybe make it a tad bigger the money section. The only other thing I’d say is on the right side make sure If you add the round edges you do for all sides it looks like just the top two corners are rounded off.

Great Work



UI’s can be the most annoying part for people with little to no experience in making UI’s but in my opinion I agree with PrinceLouis in saying that the UI is great! It may look bad to you but let’s be honest everything looks different to the creators. Some tips I can give are:

  • Using UIStroke
  • Using Similar Colours
  • Using almost ‘base’ frames like a foundation to layer on top to add a sense of ‘depth’

But for now it looks like a normal UI that one would see in any normal survival game.

The stats page would probably look better if it was a separate frame. The title would probably go better on the frame, above where it shows the image of the weapon. The close button seems unreachable in its current position. For user accessibility, you should move it to whatever is considered your main frame of the item selection (I’d think the close button should go on the corner of the item selection frame, or at least closer to it).

Side note: I think you should also correct “15$” to “$15”.

Overall, however, I think the UI is great.

I’m not sure what that is for, can you elaborate? It looks like the items are unavailable. If that’s what you were going for, I completely agree. If not, I think you should make it grey.

This part. I already changed the background to grey and added UICorners to all the buttons, so no need to worry about it.

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