Tips on my new GFX

Hey, i have recently made a new thumbnail just for a personal project and i want to hear your feedback.

here’s the photo.

Feel free to criticize, my discord is: cace#0543


It looks very good.

I wouldn’t criticize this work because in my opinion I really like this. I want you to keep doing your best! :+1:


thanks you very much man :+1:
i appreciate that

Incredible! I see no need to fix anything in this photo, keep up the great work! :+1:
Question, did you use blender and photoshop to make this?


i used blender and photoscape X, a free photoshop program.


This truly is an amazing piece of art! I love the concept and the detail in this! The only thing I would say it that the while square lights on top of the poles are a bit plain and bright but other than that is is absolutely divine! Good job!

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ye thats true, they shine trough the portal but the portal should block the light a bit

If anyone has something to point out, let me know and i will edit the picture a.s.a.p.

alr, i might be adding some adjustments in the mesh of the blender scene, i will do some lighting modifications and i am going to reduce the light of the lamps shining through the portal.
maybe gonna make the lamps a bit like this.

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My only complaint is the blackhole itself (I don’t know if it’s a blackhole or not so I’ll just call it that).
It’s oddly shaped, and you can see through it, which isn’t correct. A blackhole is called black because light cannot escape it.


Overall, a very nice GFX. The rendering quality is very nice, and the whole GFX itself works great.

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I would say it is great but obviously, there is always room for improvement. I think most of us artist usually mix low-quality backgrounds with high res renders, which I think personally you should have found a better quality one. The to lamps on the side should have brightened the room making a different atmosphere but it didn’t which is strange and makes it less realistic. The character looks very hidden away so I can’t really see it and it seems like you were hiding errors in the picture but I don’t know if that was an artistic type of aproach. But to be honest, it is pretty amazing for the reason that the planets look great together and have a nice flare, the render area looks good and the title is great too.


Ah yes, i know what you mean. But i wanted to make a sort of portal to another solar system. but i also could replace the portal for a blackhole.

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Thanks for pointing that out, and what is also going to be fixed is the character. because i just want his uniform to be showed. Or what i could do is replace him with a scientist taking notes. The cyan LED strips will be red so you dont get a mish mash of red and blue.

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That actually seems like a really cool idea. Nice thinking you got there.

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Hey guys, im back after a while, sorry for that :pensive:
here is the end result.

Thanks for all the criticism, i hope you like it

Feel free to use it for your game, just don’t remove my signature, and if you are gonna make a banner out of it, just make sure to credit me.
I had fun making this and it was a good project for practice since i recently made a transfer from 2.79 to 2.91.

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This looks astonishing! I love the blur you added when the light went through the glass! I don’t really have any tips for you! I’d say this is pretty solid! Good work!