Tips on Night Indoor Lighting?

So I’m heavily inspired by youtube videos title “Seemingly Familiar Places with Unnerving music” I don’t know if you guys ever had a recommendation like that but an example would be this:

It’s those surreal luminal places you feel like you’ve went to or seen before and it just makes you unnverving with a matching audio playing in the background. I want to make a hangout game just for fun and to show how much I like luminal places. The progress I have is here:

It’s not much yet but I’m planning to make the lighting very similar to the first picture. Do you guys have any tips especially the experienced ones, I’ve been playing around with the lighting and the contrast but I seem to cant find the perfect one, as of the shadows, I want similarly realistic ones that shows shadows behind chairs, tables, and other items.

Any help would be nice.

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It is hard to give tips when all you can see is different shades of dark grays and blacks. I would add at least a little bit of lights, perhaps a broken bulb or something to keep the spooky vibe. Or a window with the blinds covering half of it, that would show a nice shadow in the whole room.


Those pictures look like they were taken with camera flashes being the only light source. If you want, try using only a single SpotLight to illuminate the room, adjusting color and brightness accordingly.

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