Tips on realistic lighting

I would like my builds to be more realistic. However, I believe that one of the chief ways to achieve realism is to utilize lighting. Do you guys have any tips on lighting and lighting improvement? What about how to do certain effects with lighting. I really hope to improve my builds with your info in the future, thanks!


It depends, but I’ll give you some pointers.

For horror games, dim the lights and only keep them higher in important area

For simulators, make the lights bright (but not overbearing.)

The list goes on, but in the end it’s up to you what looks good.


If you want a sunny lighting then I think you should do these

  • Brightness to 4-5

  • Increase the contrast and saturation by a bit like 0.1- 0.2 in Color Correction

  • Change Color Shift Top to somewhere like yellow or orange

  • Add post processing effects

  • Make the environmental scales to somewhere around 0.5 - 1

Hope this helps!


Future lighting, ColorCorrection, Blur, and SunRays along with other minor stuff.

Pretty much all you need for realistic lighting.


I’d say use Atmos Lighting because it has custom templates that make your game more realistic or just improved overall!

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It’s all about experimenting instill you set a perfect atmosphere that fits your needs. Basically mess with the settings - properties, as those are the only ways to properly develop realism and get that realistic lighting within your game.

I recommend tweaking and playing around with the lighting effects such as. (Color Correction, Sun Rays, Color_Shift, Bloom - technology/brightness). And adjust them instill you get that realism that fits your style. Here is a thread that goes into more depth and explains more about how to make realistic lighting using different technology uses.


Be sure to make your ambient colors similar to the color of your sky.

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For real, blur is the stupidest thing and is only useful for user interface when for example unboxing a pet in a game. For a high quality map, go for depth of field but make it very light so you will not notice it too much, just a liiitle bit.

I recommend to play around with the settings of your ligthing. Use color correction, sunrays and atmosphere to improve the overall feeling and look of the game. I also recommend to make good use of neon, glass, surface/point/spot lights. These can really enhance your maps and create cool little lighting effects, especially if you combine them.


To me, having a slight blur looks pretty nice in some cases, but not all the time. But it’s your opinion, which I respect.


In my experience there is no better way to know whether something looks good until it actually does. So have in mind a certain look you’re trying to achieve, maybe use a reference such as a photograph and try to change the settings accordingly. The main mistake I see devs making is overusing dof, saturation and bloom. Don’t set them too high. Godrays will make any day scene look great. Give a scene with night a blue-ish tint and don’t make the moon too bright.

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I like a little blur, however, when I add even the slightest amount, I get complaints, “Too blurry” so I change it.


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Again, I think that having an slight blur looks pretty good in some cases. But, it’s your opinion, and I respect it.

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I add it and keep it as long as not too many people complain as I do not want to drive away player. Simply put, I like adding blur. I don’t think its stupid, I think it adds that little hint of realism and softness that a more realistic game needs. But, I guess its just my opinion.


Exactly, I don’t get why so many people hate it.


It’s mostly just experimenting for me but I have noticed one thing, ColorCorrection is your friend.

Here’s the best tip I can give:

It’s not just about bloom, sun rays, color correction, and all the things you can insert into the lighting. The lighting properties themselves are extremely useful. For example, to achieve an extra dark night, set your OutdoorAmbient and Ambient to 0, 0, 0. Brightness is also a useful feature.


I can give you a few tips actually.

If you want the most realistic lighting. I’d recommend using “light fog” Here is an example.

There are alot of Youtube videos online explaining how to do them.
You can also add flares to your lighting. They are a little harder to explain. Here is a hands on explanation: Lighting at its finest - Roblox You can also see it in the image. Of course they are a little more complex. They require a good scripter.

I hope it was useful to you.


the reason why blur adds realism is because its just a budget depth of field, in real life the “blur” would be your DoF (sorry for continuing this topic i just wanted to explain why)