Tips to make build look more realistic?

Hey there.

I’ve been making this abandoned subway station for a while now for a personal project.
Using as many details and little things I could find, I finally made this:

Now, to me, I don’t feel like it’s as realistic as it could be.
I’ve been struggling to make it more realistic so I came to the DevForum for help and feedback.
(this does include lighting as well)

Any tips to help a struggling builder?



The build itself looks pretty realistic, I would play around with the lighting to make it a bit dim except for a small area around the lighting, and some dirt/grime to put around the tunnel


You can also add wear and tear such as cracks and leakages in the concrete. If you want to go more advanced, add rats, garbage bags, and mold.


Lighting might be cooler if you set;

And throwing light sources(mostly PointLight) with shadows turned on, might be better.


Excluding the EnvironmentDiffuseScale, everything else has already been set to this.
Definitely helped subtly by changing that value though, thanks!

Here’s the updated version along with all the suggestions from the posts above:



Definitely the picture that you have now turned out is no longer bad (within the framework of the roblox engine)
But, I would suggest working on some textures, namely metal, you can make it wetter, reflective, for example, in a place where the metal is combined with water.
Here is an example of a material: (This is an old roblox rust material, but with a wet or reflective effect)

Material Screenshot

It may not seem “realistic” to you, but still it looks quite impressive.

Also, I could advise some smoke that will improve the very atmosphere of the room.
here are examples with my smoke

Smoke Screenshot



Red but no smoke

These are 2 main tips from me personally, try to apply, maybe something good will come of it. Good luck to you.

(P.s I really hope that everything was clear to you, since the text was translated using Google Translate)


it looks good, i just feel like the lights are too bright and yeah mess around with the reflection on some materials

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Thanks for those suggestions, it really helped!
(and yes, I did understand your message)

How’s this?

I generated my own metal texture and gave it a wet-looking effect to it as well as the concrete.

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Yes, it doesn’t look bad. You can add a glow to the light, for example, as in my screenshot (By the way, the glow may not suit your situation, but it’s worth a try)


You can also try, as I said earlier, smoke, it gives a good atmosphere, depending on how to apply it of course

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