Tips to Reaching the Audience? (Popular Games)


Hey developers!

This question is for the Featured Game Developers.

My question is, how can I easily reach the audience’s attention to my game? What suggestions do you have to achieving about 3-5 players per 10 minutes? What are games that the audience is currently looking for?

Thanks, guys!


How can you easily

It’s a hard problem man. I got a minor in marketing and really there isn’t a one size fits all. In general the sooner and cooler you talk about the game the better. Post updates on twitter, discuss it on discord etc


I didn’t really mean “easily”, just a simple way, in a 1-2 month rate.


Even though I usually don’t develop for private games, moreover for communities I recommend making something original. Currently everyone is looking for simulators but those only last a little bit. Games like Jailbreak, Phantom Forces, and Meep City have been on the top games due to the progress that’s gone into them and how they look like they were well crafted. Simulators are well crafted but can get boring easily. Activities are usually something looked for in games (when at least I play). Make weekly updates to keep drawing the audience back in.

That’s pretty much what I consider a good, relevant game. Also be sure to have the money to advertise.


There are a lot of variables that are in play here. If you’re having trouble hooking in your players, describe specifically what your game is, the hook tactics you’ve tried, and just more general info to help us help you.

(I’m going to assume you mean “playerbase” not audience in this respect to answer your question.) Roblox’s general playerbase consists of users ranging from 6-18+ - a huge range of potential players. You could generalize and say that players like simulators, or tycoons, or obbys, or whatever, but at the end of the day what Roblox’s playerbase tends to gravitate the most towards are games with simple gameplay loops.

When designing your game, from maps to mechanics to UI, you should design with simplicity (and accessibility) in mind.

It’s pedantic to mention, but I’ll note that the way you use the word “audience” shouldn’t necessarily be used to describe Roblox’s entire playerbase (or userbase) - they’re two separate things and it can lead to confusion. An audience of one game might not (and often don’t) like to play another game. The target demographics (and more accurately, psychographics) of Meep City are likely significantly different than Phantom Forces.


Replay-ability is key to not only getting players into your game, but at being able to keep them in and get them coming back. Taking a look at the front page games you can see that almost all these games have a re-playable element to them.

Roleplay while it does not contain a set ‘story line’ or achievements to get players coming back, it utilizes the idea of being able to do really what you want, and as it suggestions, ‘Roleplay’ which younger audiences love and will generally come back, even if the game has no real moving forward aspect.

Simulators these games can be tough to really get a re-playable element in, as it’s generally just the same loop over and over again. But just the name itself seems to get players playing. Majority of these are 1 hit wonder, that pop up on the page, and don’t really offer much.

Then we have a few of the ‘other’ (not to degrade them, but couldn’t come up with a title that fits them all :sweat_smile:) games like Phantom Forces, Murder Mystery 2, etc. which all contain some sort of levelling system, and upgrades and customisation. Players will want to come back and play more to get higher levels, to get the best items, to be the ‘best’.

Most importantly though is to actually listen to what the players have to say in your game. When you get people playing, ask what they like/dislike, what could be added, changed, anything to get player input. They are the ones who are playing your game, and if you cater towards them, then you’re more likely to get them to come back, or even better, come back with multiple other users.

EDIT One other thing is to actually get them playing the game when they first join. A lot of games have you sit in a lobby till the next round or whatever. A first time player ain’t gonna wait 2-3 minutes to play a game they might not even like. Get the player actually in a game, and actually doing something within 30-45 seconds of joining. They are less likely to leave if they actually get to play the game in that time span.


What the audience is looking for:

  • A game that supports all platforms ( in my opinion )

  • A goal / reward that makes the audience want to come to your game

  • Fun & balanced experience on your game.

  • Great atmosphere and nothing irrelevant to the atmosphere

  • An easy to learn guide on your game, without an long explanation. AKA Short sweet and simple instructions on how to play your game. (Because no one really reads how to play a game they’ve never really played before on Roblox)


Im not a Featured Game Developer but i have been working in some interesting projects for some years.

I have understand that you have to give the players the feel of immersion and big surprises, this is done by adding a lot of effort to alot of small details that by themselves dont do great things but overall they achieve a great satisfaction to the players.

Take for example battlefield 1, shoot someone to the body and its like Meh, but get the kill to the head and then theres a big red icon with an amazing rewarding sound “Like a cash kind of sound”, its so rewarding, its like giving the mind the feel of addiction i guess… you can do the same with sounds, particles, fluid animations, camera movement is specially good, most games in roblox dont have that feel of camera Movement when theres an explosion you know.

Battlefield 4 also played greatly with sounds, when unlocking a new attachment there was an icon an a rewarding sound that send a message to the mind giving it the feeling of wanting more and more.


@Nuinik @Aotrou @NinjoOnline @supdude239v @SuperiorArchitect
To whoever is asking for what this game is about, it’s basically going to be an interactive theatre, where players can be a visitor, receptionist, manager, etc,

It’s basically the Roblox Movies that still receives at least 50 players/visits per day, today.

What I’m going for, is a better look, more interactive gameplay, more Roblox design (UI, Scripts, Style, etc.).

side note:

  • I will be hiring UI Designers and Scripters, or someone who can do both, AND Artists or Builders who can make the movies.
  • At LEAST 5k+ will be dedicated to Advertisements, and Hiring together.

.If you have questions or comments, I will be happy to hear them!


I’d suggest determining your audience, finding successful games of a similar genre, seeing what techniques they used and what worked for them and bouncing off their ideas to create your own marketing strategy.


Though I might not be a featured game developer, I do regularly create games that appeal to an assortment of people.

The site, ROBLOX, is mainly aimed for kids, not counting the developer community of it. I’d recommend you to create something that you would’ve enjoyed when you were younger (8-12 years of age). Also, try not to recreate anything that’s already existent, as there might be too much competition in that certain area. Try to make something unique, but also something that you would’ve played and enjoyed when you were younger.

A good idea also, would be to implement elements which would help players to keep coming back, such as a level or a reward system, for playing over time.


Make a really modular simulator core and reskin it every two weeks if you REALLY wanna start pandering.