[Tips & Tricks] Battle Royale Icon

Hello, my name is Amazin_Builds! I’m new to graphic design and trying to get better day by day. A new creation I came up with is a Battle Royale Design logo. This is the third icon I’ve made so far! I’d like to know what I could improve on or some tips and tricks about learning graphic design. Thank you, and have a great day!


Fantastic job on this logo! I love how you made the “L” in Battle a gun. Thats very creative! I think that if you change the colors of the text (Maybe a yellow for battle and a green for royale) it could make the logo look a lot better. Also if you do change the color of the text, I would remove the grenades. And change it with some other icon, I would also suggest make the text have some shading on the edges of the text (to make it look 3D) Also, the black outline is a bit too thick. If you lower the thickness of the outline, it might look better. I would also suggest changing the black outline to a darker shade of the text color. For example, say the “Battle” text is a yellow. Make the outline a nice orangish yellow color. Other than that, great job!!!

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Hello, thank you for replying to me. Do you think this is better?

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Great logo! All though, I suggest making the outlines a bit thicker. That gives it a more 3D effect, and many love that.

Yes!! It looks SO much better! Like @SCRIFX said change the thickness of the outlines by a bit, to give it that 3D effect. Great job!!

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