Tips & Tricks For Groups & Games

Hey, I will show you a few of my tricks for successful games.

Before you start I hope everyone finds this helpful. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Hiring Developers

Hiring developers is simple you can find many here at the DevForum, you can also search for developers around groups, development studios and etc.

Good Payment

A good payment will be something like splitting 50% of the group funds to everyone. Good ppayment can be something like:
10-15% - Builder
10-15 - Scripter
5% - Tester
You get the idea. (I think…)

Tips for advertising

So you can advertise it or sponsor it, this is a good option - but remeber the GFX at sponsoring is really important, in advertises say you hire Moderators or MR-HR, or the most working way - “Do not click me” or “I bet you cannot click me twice.”, humans are doing the opposite they are told. Some of other examples are for a obby, it can be something like: 1% of players can complete the game. I think you get the idea…

Attracting more players

Yes - this is diffrent then advertising. To start make a badge “You joined the game” - free badges attract more players. Also a tip add a few hidden places they can say something like:
Name of badge: You Found The Secret Room???
Description: No one can find it, but you did???
This is example of the info, there is more like:
Also for every version you make, make more badges.


I hope you are glad with what you learned!

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