Tips when making a space center, grunge style, facility type game

In the near future me and my scripter friend have thought of making a space center, facility type game. It’ll be like those showcase/exploring type games where you get to explore and work with the equipments the facility might have. What are some tips I could work with when building that. I’m a good builder, definitely not the best but not bad either.

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Start mapping everything out then start building.

You should have a general layout planned out or sketch so that you could place parts, and start building it, depending on how long your wanting it and how players will be moving around a exploring game. Arrows, navigation, and more.

If you have ways in how players will be exploring a large exploring game, this can make the map stand out, if your wanting players to drive or teleport them in different parts of the showcase think about where players will be exploring too city’s, towns, other countries. Take inspiration from existing games and implement different source and options on how you want yours to look like.

If you have a layout, it’s good to use that when making an exploring showcase game, if you have options on how players will be moving around the facility it’s good to take that along the process.